Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro10,000 vibrations/min, fast mopping for exceptional cleaningClassic design—fully upgraded
Taking mopping power to the next level
10,000 vibrations per minute* to power clean even stubborn stainsEquipped with the full-coverage high-frequency sonic vibration mop, the entire unit vibrates to significantly boost cleaning power and easily remove tough stains like coffee and soy sauce.
High-frequency sonic vibration mopping10,000 vibrations/min. for easy stain removalEntire unit vibrates while moppingFull floor coverage with no missed spotsDesigned specifically for home floorsPowerful removal of stubborn stains
Standard vibrating mopping5000 vibrations/min., difficult to remove stains when operating at low frequencyPartial vibrationWeak cleaning power and low efficiencyNo proprietary designPoor performance on removing stubborn stains
Microfibres for powerful stain removalThe mop features microfibres to ensure even penetration of water, effective removal of stains and quick drying for the floor. This helps prevent leaving water marks and damage to the floor.
Even penetration of water
Quick drying for the floor
The next generation LDS laser navigation system enables fast and accurate mapping of the entire homeThe LDS laser navigation system efficiently scans and quickly maps the complex environment of the entire home,to quickly plan the robot's cleaning route. Even the darkness of night won't stop it—the system can navigate accurately even in low light.
Capable of mapping multiple floorsEasily switch move between floors to clean
All-new mapping modeQuick and efficient mapping
Memory of locationsSelf-location no matter where you move it to
Smart resume-cleaning functionResume cleaning where it left off after charging
Advanced mopping strategyUpgraded vacuum experience
Advanced mopping route design covers corners and hidden dust trapsSpecially designed mopping routes simulate manual cleaning, wiping repeatedly from left to right. Combined with a smart electronically controlled water tank, this ensures that the robot can easily remove floor stains.
Crumbs are vacuumed up in a flash, leaving only clean floor behindPowerful 3000Pa* suction allows the robot to easily vacuum up large particles of dust and debris from crevices, leaving nowhere for dust to hide.
3 vacuum-mop modes
4 suction power settings
More cleaning, less chargingEquipped with the upgraded 5200mAh big volume batter, the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro can clean ares of more than 150㎡ easily*.
Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro
Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P
High-frequency sonic vibration moppingNew
Capable of mapping multiple floorsNew
5200mAh batteryUpgraded
3000Pa suctionUpgraded
Standard moppingNot available3200mAh battery2100Pa suction
Customized cleaning settings give you peace of mind when you're away from home
Customized settings for each roomNow you can choose the order for cleaning your bedroom, living room and kitchen according to your own needs, to avoid tracking dirt from one room into another. You can also adjust the suction power and water volume based on the type of floor and set customized cleaning plans.
Control to clean in the palm of your handConnect to the Xiaomi Home/Mi Home App to access a wider range of control options. Use the remote control feature when you're away from home for easy and effortless cleaning.
Just point to cleanSimply tap the area you wish to clean
Scheduled cleaningClean at whatever time is best for you
Zone cleaningChoose the area you wish to clean
keep-out zone/virtual wallSet areas that you do not want cleaned
Supports OTA upgrades, more features to be made availableProduct feature optimizations and app updates will be released continuously to improve product intelligence, ensuring that the more you use your Mi Robot vacuum-Mop 2 Pro the smarter it will get.
*10,000 vibrations per minute: Data from Shanchuan Laboratory. By testing the ambient noise when the water tank was not vibrating, testing noise when the water tank was vibrating normally, determining the level of machine noise through small waves, and adding the frequency domain analysis for the specified area to obtain a spectrum of two sound segments, the water tank vibration frequency was determined and converted to the number of vibrations per minute. By comparing the background noise, the water tank generated a peak noise of 208Hz when vibrating. Therefore, the water tank actually vibrated at 208Hz, or 12,500 vibrations/min.*3000Pa: Data from Shanchuan Laboratory. When the main unit was fully charged (battery voltage≥16.5V),the fan intake was sealed with modelling clay and the static pressure value of the fan intake was tested in high power mode. The maximum suction power value displayed by the suction gauge was recorded. The test was conducted twice and the average value recorded.*The data on this page are from Shanchuan Laboratory unless otherwise specified.*The relevant functional diagrams on this page are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product.Battery life test method: start operating with fully filled water tank, and record the time the robot vacuum cleaner goes back for charging. Under silent mode, cleaning time: 278 minutes, cleaning area: 196㎡; Under standard mode, cleaning time: 213 minutes, cleaning area: 159㎡; Under mid-power mode, cleaning time: 165 minutes, cleaning area: 129㎡; Under high-power mode, cleaning time: 126 minutes, cleaning area: 93㎡; Test data from 3irobotix Lab, actual results may vary.