Mi Complete Protect FAQ

Purchase Related Queries

5. When can I buy Mi Complete Protect?
You can buy Mi Complete Protect plan along with the purchase of your new smartphone.

6. How do I activate for Mi Complete Protect?
Your Mi Complete Protect membership will be automatically activated. If you have purchased Mi Complete Protect along with your phone, you would receive the activation email within 24 hours of product delivery.

7. How many times I can claim for Repair with Mi Complete Protect ?
You can register only one claim during your membership tenure with Mi Complete Protect Plan.

8. Can I Cancel the membership plan and get refund?
No. Mi Complete Protect plan can’t be cancelled once purchased.

Claims Related

9. Can I get my device repaired by my own engineer?
No, you can’t get the handset repair from any other service center or Engineer and need to call an Insurance service partner to get your device repaired. The insurance service partner will direct you to get your device repaired through the nearest Xiaomi authorized service center after collection & verification of documents.

10. In what all scenario Mi Complete Protect plan coverage is not applicable?
Below mention are some of the important exclusions under which Mi Complete Protect plan is not applicable:
1. Damage due to Negligence
2. Loss or damage due to theft.
3. Any claim arising from abuse, misuse or neglect
4. Any kind of Intentional Damage
5. If the device is purchased outside INDIA6. Normal wear & tear and cosmetic damages like dents, scratches, etc.
7. Routine maintenance, adjustment, modification or service.

11. My device falls under Beyond Economic Repair (BER) Status, how Mi Complete Protect Plan will help me?
In case your device is declared as BER or cannot be repaired by Xiaomi Authorized Service Center, the Insurance service partner will settle you with depreciated amount and membership will stop forthwith for that device.

13. What are the deduction associated with the Mi Complete Protect plan?
You will be required to pay Rs. 350 + GST as deductibles at the time of claim with Xiaomi Service Centre.

15. I have already made a claim under Mi Complete Protect, am I allowed to make another claim?
No, you can’t make another claim during the tenure of your Mi Complete Protect membership as your membership plan will be ceased to exist after you made the first claim.

16. What is not covered under the Mi Complete Protect plan?
Below mentioned scenarios that won't be covered under Mi Complete Protect:
The above Offer is by way of a special offer for Cardholders only.

*Loss or damage to the device due to mysterious circumstances/disappearance or unexplained reasons.
*Loss or damage to the handset while driving a vehicleFraud or criminal activity on the part of the Insured (the customer).
*Loss or damage caused by incorrect storage, poor maintenance, willful negligence, incorrect installation, or incorrect set-up, unless the Authorized Service Center representative would confirm otherwise with due substantiation.
*Any loss if the ownership of the device is transferred.
*Any type of self-repair or attempted self-repair.
*Cost of Replacement of Battery unless caused by accidental or liquid damage to the Device.
*Any damage or loss occasioned from any waterborne craft, unless such damage is caused by the accidental ingress of liquid/water, and if the Subscriber has taken reasonable care to protect the device from damage.
*Loss or damage to any accessories like charger and USB cable
*Internal leakage of the battery, unless caused by an insured peril. Damage occurred while the Device is situated outside India provided the Customer is a Non-Resident Indian.

Additional Queries

17. What is Total Loss or Beyond Economic repair category?
Total Loss or Beyond Economic Repair is when the repair cost of the handset is more than 80% of the invoice value. You will get the applicable amount as per the depreciation chart given in the Terms & Conditions for your handset.

18. What are BER (Beyond Economic Repair) Cases?
If the Repair cost of the device is more than 80%, such cases are eligible for BER case. Loss or damage to the insured device shall be settled at market value or Sum Insured or Invoice Value whichever is the lowest, after charging the depreciation as per the depreciation chart below and in no case, will be more than the Sum insured.

Depreciation Chart: Applicable only for Total loss cases [To any instrument/component]

Age of device

Depreciation %

0 to 90 days


91 to 180 days


181 to 270days


Above 270 days