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Mi Robot Builder Rover

Drive your coding skills forward with this powerful tank of a toy
Track chassis|High-precision parts|Smart controls|Endless design possibilities

Crawler robot with comprehensively upgraded performance and no fear of tricky terrain

Conquer everything in your path

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Incredible maneuverability
Easily overcomes obstacles

Track chassis

The Mi Robot Builder Rover features a track-style chassis that can scale obstacles with great agility. The track components are made of lightweight, high-strength materials, and the uniquely reinforced anti-slip ribbing enhances the durability and grip of the track belt. The Mi Robot Builder Rover can easily conquer complex terrain, bringing you endless amounts of fun.

High-speed processor
Long battery life

The master remote control of the Mi Robot Builder features a 32-bit ARM Cortex-Mx processor to achieve fast processing speed, and has three built-in 1650mAh lithium batteries for long battery life.

  • BLE4.0 bluetooth low energy

  • 11.1V/18.3Wh
    lithium battery

  • 4 USB type-C

  • 32-bit

  • 6-axis

  • 2.4G
    wireless expansion

High-precision parts for better assembly and feel

All 1086 parts of the Mi Robot Builder Rover are formed using high-precision injection molding. This includes the six different gears, worm drive assembly, universal joints, and continuous tracks that make up the robot’s precise and efficient mechanical transmission structure.

Multiple control modes for endless fun

The upgraded Mi Robot Builder app allows you to choose from even more control modes. Open up more fun and more ways to play with the optimized remote mode and the more powerful programming mode. The possibilities are endless.

Easier-to-learn remote control

The simple control interface has been enhanced with a joystick editing function that enables the user to customize the control habit according to preference, so learning how to remotely control the robot is even easier.

Upgraded Programming mode for extra challenges

The Mi Robot Builder Rover’s unique visual programming interface transforms complex and specialized command code into modular graphics, making coding easy to learn and endlessly fun.

Hundreds of transformations to unleash your creativity

The Mi Robot Builder Rover features a variety of brand new parts. In addition to using these parts to build the original sophisticated and complex models, you can use any combination of parts to fashion your own DIY design. By letting your imagination run wild, you can truly experience the thrill of endless design and transformation possibilities.

Three cool models for you to build

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