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Mi M365 Electric Scooter – Safety Notice

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Since our founding, Xiaomi has been dedicated to producing safe, affordable and quality products for our customers. We continue making this our top priority and act proactively to ensure that our users have real-time, comprehensive information regarding our products.

We have received limited reports in relation to potential safety issues associated with the Mi M365 Electric Scooter. Upon investigation, it appears that when not used in accordance with the Safety Reminder and Instructions in the user manual, or when subject to force, certain batches of the product manufactured with aluminum alloy hooks in the folding apparatus, may have the potential to fail and without appropriate maintenance, may cause a fall hazard to the rider.

We are launching a Safety Campaign to alert all customers. Specifically, we are publishing a Safety Notice and rolling out a Repair Program globally which provides free testing to the affected customers and also replaces the aluminum alloy hook with a stainless steel hook.

Safety Notice

The hook of the Mi M365 Electric Scooter manufactured between September 2017 and October 2018 is made of aviation grade aluminum alloy 6061-T6 which material is widely used for bicycle frames and components.

When the Mi M365 Electric Scooter is subject to overloading such as two people riding the scooter at any one time or subject to high impact movements, the aluminum alloy hook in the folding apparatus may weaken. Without appropriate maintenance, the aluminum alloy hook may fail during subsequent use which may lead the vertical component to fold into the main body while in use.

  • We ask all customers to take the steps below before using their Mi M365 Electric Scooters:

    Step 1:Follow the instructions below to check if your device has an aluminum-alloy buckle
  • Step 2:Follow the video shown below to conduct a thorough self-check of the device
  • Step 3:Follow the Dos and Don’ts strictly for future usage

Step 1: Check whether your device has an aluminum alloy hook

For customers who purchased the Mi M365 Electric Scooter between September 2017 and October 2018, your device is likely to have an aluminum alloy hook.

The folding apparatus is shown in the image below.

If the device appears to have an allen key bolt on one side and a round-shaped nut on the other side, then your device has a steel hook and is not affected.
If the device appears to have allen key bolts on both sides, your device comes with an aluminum alloy hook and is part of the repair program. Please enter the serial number and other required information in the section below to participate in the repair program.

If you cannot tell which type of the hook that your device has, enter the serial number in the box below to find out whether you are eligible for the repair. The serial number is located on the side of the base of the scooter with the prefix SN.

Step 2: Conduct a check of the device

We encourage all customers to follow the video instructions below and conduct checks regularly.

Mi M365 Electric Scooter Safety Campaign Video

If you have any safety concerns following your checks, please visit one of our service centres for professional repair services before using the device.

You may also contact our customer service for assistance.

Step 3: Dos and Don’ts:

Conditions Appropriate use Improper use
Number of riders One Multiple persons or carrying children
Riding 1. No hanging objects from handlebar.
2. Mudguard is clear of obstruction.
3. Riding with both hands on the handlebar.
4. Riding with helmet and protective gear.
1. Hanging objects on handlebar.
2. Obstructing the mudguard.
3. Riding with one hand or no hands on the handlebar.
4. Riding without any protective gear.
Making turns Applying brakes before making a turn. Speeding up before making a turn.
Riding downhill Applying brakes and slowing down. Accelerating downhill.
Pushing the scooter while walking Without applying speed. Pressing down on throttle.
Normal road conditions Dedicated bike lane / even surfaces*. Using motorway or pavements/ sidewalks.
Irregular road conditions – Speed bumps / Elevators / Bumpy road conditions 1. Riding with reduced speed between 5-10 km /h (3 - 6 mph).
2. Slightly bending knees to better adjust when crossing noted surfaces.
Riding with high speed.
Speed limit < 25 km/h (approx 15 mph). > 25 km/h (approx 15 mph).
Weather Riding in optimal weather
1. Dry roads, no water puddles.
2. No to mild winds.
Riding in bad weather conditions
1. Rainy days with more than 2 cm precipitation / puddles.
2. Strong winds.
Tyre pressure Check tyre pressure at least twice per month, and every time before long distance riding. Check tyre pressure once in a while, and ridinge with low tyre pressure.
Battery 1. When using sporadically: recharge every two months.
2. When using regularly: charge before use.
1. When using sporadically: no recharge for more than two months.
2. When using regularly: recharge when the battery is low/depleted or when the device is set aside for a period of time after the battery is depleted.
Charging ports Keep chargers and charging ports dry. Chargers and charging ports in moist environments.
Rider’s weight Under 100 kg (220 lbs). Over 100 kg (220 lbs).
Perform extreme sports / stunts (riding down staircases or performing jumps) No Yes
Subject scooters to high impact force No Yes
Storage 1. Store indoors in a dry environment.
2. Avoid leaving Mi Electric Scooter outdoors for extended period.
1. Under direct sun exposure for extended period.
2. Stored in places over 50 degrees celsius or under minus 20 degrees celsius.
Battery / charging adapters 1. Using official batteries.
2. Using official chargers provided by Xiaomi.
1. Using batteries from other models or brands.
2. Using unofficial charger.
Maintenance / modifications 1. Seeking professional repair service at the Xiaomi Electric Scooter after-sales service centre.
2. Does not modify the scooter.
1. Self-repair, modify or replace components.
1. Users must ride the Mi M365 Electric Scooter in accordance with the applicable local laws and regulations.
2. The Mi M365 Electric Scooter has passed relevant safety standards and requirements in China, the U.S. and the EU.
3. Riders shall be liable for any damage and injuries caused by failure to follow the instructions in the user manual.

Repair Program

We encourage all affected customers to participate in our repair program to ensure the safe use of the device. The program will replace the aluminum alloy hook with a stainless steel hook at no cost. It also offers a one-time free test which will cover the core components of the device including lights, throttle, buttons, brakes, dashboard, charging port, tyre pressure and bluetooth connection.

For customers whose devices are not part of this repair program, we also encourage you to visit one of our service centers for professional tests should you have any safety concerns.

We will also be implementing a global Maintenance Program for the Mi M365 Electric Scooters in the near future.

Select your location and enter your serial number to find out if you are affected. For some regions, the repair program is being finalized. Please enter your information below and we will contact you once the repair program starts in your region.

Thank you for being a valued Xiaomi customer.

Repair Program

How to find out if your device is eligible for the repair program.

You can determine if your device is eligible for the repair program by entering the serial number in the box below. The serial number can be located as shown on the right: Where is my serial number?

Verify if your device is eligible for the repair program.

Your device is eligible for the repair program. Please enter the required information below for further instructions. The value you entered is not a valid serial number.

Contact Information

For inquiries, please contact Xiaomi’s customer service.