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Mi Home Security Camera1080P

Intelligent detection, high-resolution

1080p full HD resolution | 130° ultra-wide angle lens | 10m infrared range | night vision scope | zoning classification | intelligent detection | two-way voice communication

Security is comfort

1080p full HD resolution | 130° ultra-wide angle lens | 10m infrared range
night vision scope | dual-band wi-fi | intelligent detection

Amazingly detailed recording

1080P full HD resolution, smooth 20fps recording

Mi Home Security Camera provides full 1080P HD video capture at 20fps.
Image quality and overall smoothness are incredible, even viewed directly on your mobile phone.
720P 1080P

Clear, no freezing, so you do not miss a single instant.

2.4G/5G dual Wi-Fi support

Both supported Wi-Fi bands provide a secure and reliable connection, even on more congested networks.
Splitting your home products to different bands enhances overall data transmission of all the different devices
in your home. Mi Home Security Camera supports both 2.4G/5G for home optimization.
* 5GHz network needs to be used with a 5GhZ Wi-Fi router to function as intended

A wider perspective to capture every part of your home

Ultra-wide 130° angle lens

Mi Home Security Camera is equipped with a 130° ultra-wide-angle lens to easily cover more areas in the room and effectively reduce blind spots

See in the dark

10m infrared night vision

8 large-sized 940nm infrared lights enable an effective night vision at up to 10m,
without impacting a restful sleep.

Monitor your child while multi-tasking

Picture-in-picture *

You already use your phone to watch movies, glean information, and chat with friends. Now you can check on your sleeping baby at the same time from the phone in your hand. Support for both watching the baby and life's other activities.
* This function only available on commonly available Android devices.

Clear detail,
whether it's bright or dark

WDR dynamic wide range + BSI back-illuminated sensor

A room's lighting conditions constantly changing, 24 hours a day. Low light, high brightness, and high-exposure environments all affect a camera's imaging quality. Mi Home Security Camera is equipped with a BSI back-illuminated sensor and WDR dynamic wide range, to always provide a quality image of your home.

Multiple views

Multiple cameras shown simultaneously

Living room, bedroom, kitchen, and garden. Does every room in your house have a Mi Home Security Camera?
No problems, you can still view multiple rooms from your phone and stay apprised of the situation in various rooms.

A more advanced
security camera

  • Intelligent detection
  • Privacy protection
  • Two-way audio communication

Accurately detects changes in any space to reduce false alarms

Intelligent detection

Users can configure which areas of their camera are more sensitive to motion.
  • Sensitivity level:
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Off

Smart identification for auto-disable

Protect your family's privacy

Mi Home Smart Camera is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth chip.
If family members do not want to be recorded by the camera,
they can calibrate the camera to automatically hibernate when
it detects their Mi Bands or iPhones nearby to protect privacy.

Two-way voice communication

Mi Home Smart Camera comes with an omnidirectional
noise-cancelling microphone and high-fidelity speakers
so that you can communicate clearly and smoothly.
With a 1080P Full HD screen, communicating via cell
phone feels like being right there beside your family.

Secure local storage for sensitive areas

MicroSD + Cloud NAS storage methods

In addition to microSD cards, Mi Home Security Camera also supports the use of Cloud NAS storage
using compatible routers or other compatible storage devices. This allows for local storage of videos to enhance security.

*microSD cards and Cloud NAS storage must be purchased separately.
  • MicroSD
    (Supports up to 64GB cards)
  • Cloud NAS

Name: Mi Home Security Camera

Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.16 x 3.16 inches

Product Specifications

Model No.:SXJ01ZM

Standard: Q/320281DHR04-2016


Product weight:4.1 ounces

Total weight:9.0 ounces

Wi-Fi solution: Marvell 88W8977

Wi-Fi modes:2.4GHz,5GHz

Bluetooth solution: Marvell 88W8977

Package contents: Mi Home Security Camera, adapter, user manual