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Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones

Uninterrupted sound
Two dynamic drivers + balanced armature | Innovative noise canceling and sound isolation technology

Two noise-canceling levels | Portable design with flexible cable clip

Sound at its purest

Two dynamic drivers and balanced armature

  • Rock

    Natural, crystal-clear treble.

    *Press the test button and listen for yourself!
  • Hip-Pop

    Crisp sound with rich details

    *Press the test button and listen for yourself!
  • Jazz

    Phenomenal full-bodied bass

    *Press the test button and listen for yourself!

Clear, uninterrupted sound

Innovative noise-canceling and sound isolation technology

Patented sound isolation technology*. Each earphone contains three individual units, while the separate noise-canceling and sound isolation systems work independently to reduce unwanted noise.

Certified by Hi-Res Audio

Hi-Res Audio Certified

Hi-Res Audio Certified

*Patent no.: ZL201621135530.8

Two noise-canceling levels

Listen in peace and quiet,
wherever you are

Select the lower setting to reduce power consumption and prolong the battery life. Use the higher setting to isolate unwanted sound in noisy environments.

  • Off
  • Low
  • High
*Press to try each noise cancellation setting

50–1500 Hz Broadband active noise cancellation

Enjoy music on the go

Effectively reduces low-frequency noise in noisy surroundings (e.g. metro, bus, train or plane). The ultra-long battery life makes the earphones ideal for on-the-go use.

  • 50~1500 Hz Broadband noise cancellation
  • > 20 decibels Maximum noise reduction

Flexible metal clip

Portable design

Attach the clip to your clothes to prevent the cable from moving and generating noise.

90° earphone plug

Protective design

The earphone plug is positioned at an angle of 90°
to save space and reduce cable stress.

Ear protection

Astonishing sound, even at low volumes

The Mi Noise Cancelling Earphones significantly reduce the amount of noise that reaches the ears, allowing you to listen to music at lower volumes to protect your hearing.

Ergonomic design

Soft, skin-friendly earbuds with ergonomic in-ear design

The earbuds are made from a soft, comfortable material that forms a tight seal in your ear canal to reduce ambient noise.

All-metal body

Unique smooth finish

The noise canceling unit, the metal clip
and the earbuds are made from 6000 series aluminum alloy
and shaped to perfection with a CNC milling device.

Insulated cable

Two materials for double the protection

Braided wire cable and flexible TPE connector effectively reduce unwanted cable noise.

12-hour battery life

Get one day's use from a single charge

55 mAh battery capacity with Micro USB charging port. The battery takes just 2 hours to charge and provides up to 12 hours of use.

Product specs

Product nameMi 3.5 mm Noise Cancelling Earphones

Ports3.5 mm audio socket

Acoustic architectureTwo dynamic drivers + balanced armature

Active noise cancellationFeed-forward

Frequency range20Hz-40KHz

Cord length1.35m


Sound quality featuresHi-Res certified

Package contents
  • Earphones
  • Silicone Ear Tips
    × 3 pairs
  • Storage bag
  • Packing box
  • Silicone hub
  • User guide

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