This Return Policy applies only to product(s) (“Product(s)”) purchased from (“Website”). If you purchased product(s) from an online website or offline stores other than the Website, please refer to the relevant online website or offline store for the return policy. This Return Policy only reflects procedures relating to cases where you submit the return to Xiaomi Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (the “Seller”).


You can return for refund and/or replace the Product(s) purchased through the Website to the Seller as follows:

a) Product (s) of proper quality:

You can return for refund, without any reason, within seven (7) calendar days from the delivery date or the invoice, which is later; OR

b) Product (s) of manufacturing problems:

You can return for refund or replacement within fifteen (15) calendar days from the delivery date or the invoice, which is later.

Note: Subject to the sole discretion of the Seller, if the Product(s) may not be available or no longer in stock for refund and/or replace, the Seller shall refund according to the terms under this Return Policy.


The steps of return of Product(s) for refund and/or replace are as follows:

1. Self-return request

You can submit your return request to obtain the service number through:

a) Website via the order center, Xiaomi Support (; or

b) Xiaomi Customer Contact Center through online chat or call our hotline number at 1800-180-112 (available between Monday to Friday at 09:00-18:00); or

c) Email support:

Note: If you are unable to create a return request, please contact Xiaomi Customer Contact Center for support.

2. Pick up the Product(s) by the Logistics Service Provider

(1) Seller offers the option to return of Product(s) via a pre-paid carrier. After creating the return waybills through Xiaomi Customer Contact Center, you shall obtain a tracking number and the email instruction to pack the Product(s) promptly. And, the designated logistics provider, namely GD Express Sdn Bhd (“Logistics Service Provider”) shall arrange to pick up your Product(s) at the specified delivery location and deliver to our Authorized Service Center within 2 business days or otherwise. Please note that each return waybills shall be invalid within 14 days, and the return request will be cancelled accordingly.

(2) Before sending the Product(s), you shall back up and delete your personal data and/or confidential information stored in the Product(s). You also need to sign out of your Xiaomi Mi account and Google account on the Product(s) such as Xiaomi phones/pads. If your Product(s) is a product that can be connected to other devices belonging to you, please make sure to disconnect the Product(s) from your devices before returning the Product(s). The Seller shall not be liable in any way for the loss of data that is not deleted by you prior to the return process

(3) In order for your Product(s) return request to be accepted by the Seller, you must properly pack the Product(s) for return and include the original or photocopy of the Product invoice and the printout of a tracking number with the return waybills together with the Product(s). For more detailed information about packaging, you can review the “PACKING INFORMATION” section below.

(4) Pack your Product(s) in accordance with the information in the Packaging Information section and deliver the Product together with the product return code to the Logistics Service Provider within 7 days from the date of receipt return code sent to you. Please review step above for the return code request process.

3. Track your shipment

After you deliver your return package to the Logistics Service Provider that the Seller has an agreement with, the Logistics Service Provider will send the Product to the Seller or to a center determined by the Seller.

You can use the shipping code to track the status of your shipment. Regarding the free returns policy, please review the “FREE RETURN” policy herein under the section below.

4. Process for refund or replacement

Seller will process your return request within the legal period after receiving the Product(s) you want to return. Subject to the original payment method, after examining the returned Product(s), the Seller shall refund the Product(s) price to you via the payment method you used when purchasing the Product(s), within 14 days from the date on which the notification regarding the use of the right of withdrawal is received. For the replacement, after examining the returned Product(s) at Seller’s sole discretion, if it meets the replacement condition, the new Product(s), subject to STANDARD RETURN POLICY, will be sent to your original order’s delivery address.

If there is a situation where you cannot exercise your right of withdrawal in accordance with the legislation, or if the Product(s) is in a non-refundable condition or non-replaceable condition (Please see “NON-REFUNDABLE OR NON-REPLACABLE PRODUCTS”, the Product(s) will be returned directly to you by the Seller.


When returning the Product(s) purchased, you must send them to the Seller by packaging them together with all kinds of accessories, devices, and similar attachments and promotional products (“Attachment”), if any, in addition to the Product(s) in the original box/package in which the Product(s) were delivered to you by the Seller, otherwise, the return of Product(s) may be refused for a refund, upon the sole discretion of Seller.

In addition, you should put the Product(s) and its Attachment in the package that you will send to the Seller, together with the original or photocopy of the Product(s) invoice and the hardcopy of a tracking number with the return waybills that we have sent to you in line with your return request.


If you return the Product(s) through the Logistics Service Provider specified in this Return Policy and engaged with the Seller, the return costs will be borne by the Seller. If the return is sent to the Seller through a company other than the Logistics Service Provider that the Seller has contracted with, the costs of the return are your responsibility. Please find the requirement in the “STANDARD RETURN POLICY” “HOW TO RETURN OF PRODUCT TO THE SELLER” and other relevant information under this Policy for more details.


The procedures and conditions regarding the return stipulated in this Return Policy are also applicable for Product(s) exchange requests. In this context, you can request a replacement of the Product(s) purchased by following the steps in the “HOW TO RETURN OF PRODUCT TO THE SELLER” of this Return Policy.


You may not return and/or replace Product(s) under the following conditions:


Product has passed the product return period as stated under this Policy. You cannot apply for a Product Return to the Seller, but you can still apply for repairs to the Product according to the warranty period applicable to the Product unit.

Further information regarding the scope and options of the Xiaomi warranty can be accessed through


It is not possible to return your product to the Seller if there is an occurrence of any of the following:

(1) Product(s) was not purchased from the Website.

(2) Product(s) with lost, damaged, modified, or illegible IMEI or serial number labels, manufacturer's model, and/or warranty labels in part or in whole.

(3) Product(s) that is returned without all original packaging, initial items and its Attachment including but not limited to the Product box, user manuals, cables, and all other items originally included in the Product box. Product return requests received in incomplete condition will be rejected.

(4) Product(s) that show physical damage due to improper use (e.g. dropping, pressure, exposure to liquids, etc.). The exception in this condition is if you receive the Product(s) in a defective, damaged, or incorrect condition since the beginning of the purchase. In this condition, you may contact the Customer Service Center for further guidance. This condition is not included in the category of Product Return application.

(5) Product(s) that exhibits physical damage and malfunctions due to unavoidable disasters (e.g. floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning, and traffic accidents).

(6) Product(s) that show damage due to you not using and maintaining the Product(s) in accordance with the instructions for use, including but not limited to use at extreme temperatures, use of unauthorized accessories, etc.

(7) Product(s) which appears tampered, customized, or altered in any way.

(8) Any consumable product that already opened, such as hair clipper, toothbrush, shaver.

(9) Product(s) that have malfunctioned due to accessories (scratch resistance, protective casing, etc.). Products in this condition cannot be used as a reason for returning the Product to get a replacement unit.

(10) Product(s) that the Seller has sold as part of a bundle offers campaign, unless all Product(s) in the bundle offers campaign are properly returned in accordance with the requirement under this Return Policy.