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See beyond the future

  • In-screen fingerprint sensor

    Fast pressure-sensitive unlocking

  • Al dual camera with 1.4μm pixels

    20MP front camera

  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 AIE

    Flagship processor

  • Ultra-thin curved edge design

    Rounded and lightweight for great hand-feel

  • Transparent titanium color design

    Not like the rest

  • IR face unlock*

    Instant face unlocking even in darkness

*IR face unluck may not be available out of the box and will be made available via OTA

* Mi 8 Pro in-screen fingerprint scanning annimation as featured on the product page may not be available out of the box for photos sold in the initial batch and will be added later via
OTA update. Please refer to the officail MIUI website ( for future releases of this feature.

In-screen fingerprint sensor

Press lighty to unlock.
Unlock dreamlike splendor in an insta.

Transparent titanium color design
A phone unlike the rest

Beneath the transparent glass back,
the phone's intricacies are on full display
as technoology and artistic beaury merge

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 AIE Flagship processor
Flagship preocessor

Using both L1 and L5 sognals in coordination,
navigating complex cities is no problem.
Experience accuracy like never before.

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 AIE
Flagship processor

Fully upgraded gaming performance:
Increased frame rate stability and enhaced imagery details

12MP + 12MP
The camera that scored over 100 points from DxOMark

1.4μm large, light-sensitive pixels and dual pixel autofocus technoology.
Snap photos rapodly even in low light.

*Based on the DxO mark score given to Mi 8 Pro and the standard Mi 8 are equipped with the same camera.

  • AI studio lighting

    7 studio lighting modes,
    from shutter mode to rainbow mode

  • AI short video editing

    Instant cinematic quality

  • AI scene detection

    Intelligently detects 206 scenes

  • AI Portrait mode

    Dreamlike background bluring

Slimming Eyes Nose Risorius Lips Chin

20MP front camera

Front camera 3D Beautify is fully upgraded and beeter than ever
Touches up features and gives a real-time preview

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Information about this product's configuration and images of the motherboard as well as other related images and data on this page should be taken as in reference to the 6GB + 128GB model.Actual features and other data may vary by model number.See the specifications page for information on other models: Screen to body ratio may vary based on the method of measurement used.Actual data may vary, all data is obtained from testing and calculations from Xiaomi laboratories: Packag-ing includes an 18W GC3.0 charger.The phone supports Quick Charge 4+; The term "Full Screen Display” indicates that while the Mi 8 Pro has the equivalent dimensions of a traditional 5.5" screen phone, it has a much higher saeen-to-body ratio: use of the word "flagship* on this page is in reference only to Xiaomi products: Mi 8 Pro uses the same technology and firmware as Mi 8 and is equipped with the same features.As such, it is part of the Mi 8 line of products: The Mi 8 Pro uses a Broadcom 47755 dual frequency GPS chip, making it the first ever smartphone equipped with dual frequency GPS technology: Information on DxOmark camera ratings can be found at: mark score listed on this page is based on the score for the Mi 8: *AI short video editing.Instant cinematic quality" refers to the intelligence, style, and convenience of the Al editing feature and does not indicate that an actual cinematic quality is achieved: Mi 8 Pro in-screen fingerprint functional-ity as displayed in photos and animation on this page may not be available for phones sold in the initial batches and will be made available later via OTA update.Please refer to the official MIUI website ( for future releases of this feature: Intelligent detection of 206 scenes relies on the subjective perception of the Al: The 4-in-1 Super Pixel refers to the front-facing camera's ability to combine four pixels into a single 1.8pm large pixel in dim light environments: The components displayed on the Mi 8 Pro may not be a one-to-one representation of the actual components in the device: *lrvscreen fingerprint sensor" indicates that compared to typical in-screen fingerprint reading, the Mi 8 Pro's fingerprint recognition technology has added a pressure-trigger mechanism that triggers the unlock mechanism through its highly sensitive pressure sensor when it senses the press of a finger: Unless otherwise indicated on the Mi 8 Pro product page, all data come from by Xiaomi Laboratories, product design specifications and supplier data.The testing data may vary slightly between different test versions and testing environments.All figures shown on the product page are for reference only and may not reflect the actual product.