Well-loved by over 100 million users Now on Android L

It's what you've been waiting for. One of the best Android operating systems, now available on Android L. MIUI has been deeply customized and is perfectly compatible with native Android games and applica-tions. Enhanced with suggestions from millions of fans worldwide, it is a living, breathing system that regularly introduces exciting new features that you'll fall in love with.

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Do more with exciting built-in tools

Beyond its beautiful interface, MIUI also comes with several built-in apps that are practical, simple, and absolutely beautiful. They assist in essential everyday tasks and have become an indispensible part of our lives.

  • Weather
    Amazing real-time renderings of the sky

    View today's weather or the forecast for the next three days for your city, or any other city in the rest of the world. You can even get pressure, humidity, UV index and other details so you're always prepared for the great outdoors!

  • Notes
    Perfect for photos and text

    Don't hold that thought! Jot it down with Notes, wtthich is handy not just for writing text but storing images as well. You can also add sticky notes on your home screen and sync your notes across all Mi devices.

  • Mail
    So many ways to stay in touch

    Receive all your mail in one place with thousands of mail account types supported. Setting it up is as easy as entering your email address and password. Emails with the same subject can appear in an easy-to-use conversation view and prominent icons help you locate attachments easily.

  • Calendar
    So many ways to stay in touch

    Using the calendar is as simple as glancing at the app icon, which displays the current date so you don't even have to launch the app. Manage your schedules your way with daily, weekly, or monthly views and sync it across your Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar accounts.


A hundred ways to give your phone a personality

MIUI has over 500 themes, each meticulously designed to provide the most personal experience ever. Get creative and customize your lock screen, icons, and fonts individually to your liking. Change it to suit your mood or match your clothes, it's completely up to you.


One touch access to services with Visual IVR

Ordering takeaway or making phone bookings can feel like navigating through a maze. Rather than sit through multiple voice prompts, cut to the chase with Visual Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Select your options from a visual menu and skip all voice instructions. It gets you to where you want to go, faster.

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Home Screen

Everything you want at your fingertips

The homescreen isn't just for keeping apps in place. It gives you useful information and puts things within easy reach. Like the weather icon that shows you the weather at a glance, or quick access to the music player with a swipe. You can also get to Settings almost instantly by pulling down the notification shade.

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Notification system

Don't be interrupted, unless it's important

With smart call notifications, MIUI intuitively knows when your gaming or using the camera and will suspend a subtle notification at the top of the screen. Choose to answer the call, or ignore it with a simple swipe. The lock screen also lets you preview important messaging without having to unlock your phone.

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Security Centre

Addressing your security concerns at a system level

Third party security apps can't operate effectively at the system's deepest layers, but MIUI can. The built-in Security Centre scans for viruses and manages permissions for each app. For instance, apps can be given individual access to phone data, Wi-Fi, or both. It also has a smart Blocklist and privacy protection, so you never have to worry about security-related issues. We've got you covered.

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  • Cleaner
  • Data usage
  • Blocklist
  • Battery profiles
  • Virus scan
  • Permissions manager

Mi Cloud

Backing up and sharing your stuff has never been easier

Save your photos, contacts, apps, and other information safely with up to 6 layers of data encryption and 5GB of space on Mi Cloud. Access files quickly from anywhere and share them with friends. Mi Cloud can also help you locate a missing phone or sync important information on a new device.