A display of

12.6cm (5) Sharp/JDI Full HD display

You interact with Mi 4i entirely through it's stunning 12.6cm (5) display, which is why we added 5 different pixel-level innovations to produce clear, vivid images that look amazing from any angle and in any situation - even under bright sunlight. Using it is pure delight. We're convinced it is one of the best displays around.

  • 1080p
    Full HD display
  • 95% NTSC
    Color gamut
  • 175
    Pixels Per cm
  • 178°
    viewing angle

Only Flagship phones have 1080p Full HD

2.25x more pixels than 720p

With a 1920x1080 resolution, the same resolution as several 124.5cm (49") Full HD TVs, Mi 4i offers ultimate clarity by condensing millions of pixels on a 12.6cm (5) display. It has 2.25 times more pixels than 720p and an overwhelming 175 pixels per cm (PPCM) or 441 PPI. That's even higher than the iPhone 6 Retina HD display which has 128 PPCM (326 PPI). So images have a distinct clarity whether you're browsing the web, reading e-books or watching a movie.

Regular 720p displays

Mi 4i's Full HD display

Maximum readibility in sunlight

Sunlight Display adjusts contrasts for each pixel in real time
Maxing out on brightness levels under sunlight has a limited effect on readability and quickly drains battery. The latest Sunlight Display in Mi 4i uses hardware-level technology to adjust the contrast of each pixel in real time, so images are less affected by glare. This improves content clarity significantly, so the display actually appears as clear as day.
Without Sunlight Display
With Sunlight Display

Performs with flying colors

Ultra-high color saturation, 32% more vivid than the iPhone 6

Let Mi 4i show off its true colors with a splendid range covering 95% of the NTSC palette. With redder reds and bluer blues, this ultra-high color gamut takes on a saturation and vibrance that far surpasses other phones.

Wide 178° viewing angle with
IPS technology

Looks stunning from any angle

Phones are not always held perpendicular to our faces, that's why the Sharp/JDI display on Mi 4i has an outstanding in-plane switching (IPS) 178° wide viewing angle with stunning color consistency. No matter how you tilt or shift your phone, for instance in a racing game, colors stay vibrant and road conditions, visible.

A thinner, better display

Fully laminated Corning® Concore glass

The best LCD display has its limits. In order to make the best display possible, we used advanced OGS full lamination technology to integrate layers of protective glass and touch sensor into one. This eliminates light refractions caused by air gaps between each layer, so you enjoy more screen light, richer colors and better contrasts. It also keeps Mi 4i in ultra-thin shape.

Other regular displays

Light refractions caused by air gaps affect display performance

Mi 4i fully laminated OGS display

Integrates glass and touch sensor panels into one

A sleeping beauty

Display looks stunning even on standby

A great display should always look beautiful awake or asleep. With OGS full lamination, the display and its borders blend seamlessly together in a uniform, gorgeous, deep shade of black. So Mi 4i looks great in your hand, even on standby.

Bigger display
not bigger phone

Display is 7% larger than iPhone 6

Despite its ultra-compact design, Mi 4i still has a large 12.6cm (5) display. This gives you more screen real estate compared to phone models of the same size.