Innovation made compact

Mi 4i's premium ultra-compact unibody design is innovative in every way. It is wrapped in an integrated anti-fingerprint soft touch matte cover and fits an impressive 3120mAh battery within a slender frame. Technology breakthroughs in the motherboard, display and battery are condensed into a mere 130g. It is the epitomy of design and innovation, combined.

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Wins hands down

Integrated unibody design, stainless steel buttons

A great design should look and feel good. Mi 4i does just that with its integrated unibody design that gives an excellent grip. The back cover wraps the back of the phone completely, all around the sides, and blends seamlessly with the edges of the display. Sleek stainless steel buttons are made with precision CNC machines for a sturdy, stable feel. Mi 4i has a complete design aesthetic that looks beautiful and has great usability.

Soft to the touch

Grease and fingerprint resistant

Mi 4i has a soft touch matte back cover that's so comfortable in hand, you won't want to put it down. It is coated for extra resistance to fingerprints and grease, and has undergone eraser testing for extended wear. Available in white, with colorful versions coming soon.

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Ready for some rough play

Tough magnesium alloy support structure

Underneath Mi 4i's soft touch back cover is a robust internal support structure made of magnesium alloy. Embedded inside the frame body, it is key in protecting the phone's internal components from drops and accidents. Mi 4i has also been rigorously tested for impeccable build quality.

Ultra-thin 7.8mm frame

Super large 3120mAh battery

It took a great engineering feat to fit a large 3120mAh battery inside Mi 4i's ulra-thin body. This meant improving the energy densities of its 4.4V lithium-ion polymer batteries using 700Wh/L Polymer Cell technology. To save every inch of space, we then redesigned Mi 4i to include a double-sided printed circuit board and custom ultra-thin display. The result is a longlasting all-day battery that lets you accomplish more.

Down to the last detail

Mi 4i's premium build quality and design extends even to the smallest detail. It has sturdy stainless steel buttons and the back cover has 114 sound chamber holes created through a CNC drilling process. Underneath the speaker holes lies a subtle 1mm protrusion that provides better sound emissions and prevents the back cover from wearing out. At the top, the two-tone flash and noise-cancelling microphone are also precisely aligned in the middle.

Only the world's best suppliers

From a small screw to the large display, Mi 4i brings together top quality components from only the best suppliers in the world. Phones are manufactured by Foxconn Technology, where they are assembled and rigorously tested for world-class quality.

Mi 4i automated assembly

Rigourously tested to meet Mi standards