Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini

Mi Vacuum Cleaner MiniClean up anywhere anytime
Portable | 30-minute long battery life Brushless motor | One-touch dust disposal

Portable Compact size
Cordless 0.5kg lightweight
30minLong battery life
13,000 rpm Powerful suction
Multi-function nozzlesTackle different cleaning needs
Remove dust in a single click Keep hands free of dust
A vacuum cleaner slimmer than a flask*Practical and beautiful, a vacuum cleaner doesn't have to be sharp and square. Helps you clean and can be placed anywhere, with a beautiful, unobtrusive design.
One-touch cleaning for your home, keeps things spick and spanEven more agile with a cordless design. Keeps your home clean with effortless dust removal for every nook and cranny.
Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini
Anytime cleaning for everyday mess and spills in your carLeaves the dust in your car with no place to hide, even from the most smoggy and dusty days.Keep the vacuum away from the sun. It is recommended not to leave Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini in the car during hot summer to avoid danger.
Powerful brushless motor efficient cleaning with dual ventsThe high-performance brushless motor and the straight dual-vent design reduce energy loss and improve cleaning efficiency. The quick start-stop prevents dust from staying in the nozzle when you turn off the machine.
13,000 Pa*
Powerful suction
Quick start-stop
Keeps dust from escaping
Innovative combinable nozzles Clean up easily in various scenarios
Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini
Cleans every nook and cranny Agile cleaning for easy access to every nook and cranny
Keyboard cleaningExpertly removes dust from below the keys on your keyboard
Cleans inside your carQuickly removes even the most stubborn and fine dust
Compact, space-saving bodyMi Vacuum Cleaner Mini
Placed on a sofaMi Vacuum Cleaner Mini
Mi Vacuum Cleaner MiniStored in a drawer
Carried around in a carMi Vacuum Cleaner Mini
Convenient one-touch dust disposal keeps your hands cleanOne-touch dust disposal: Press the button and the dust cup pops open. No secondary contamination.
2 suction modes, max 30-minute running time
Standard mode30 minutes' battery life
Strong mode9 minutes' battery life
Slide and lock designKeeps the dust cup from accidentally popping open
To dump the dirt, simply slide the button and give it a light press.
Removable steel primary filter Steel filter screens out large particles.
Efficient built-in filter core Effective dust filtration
More considerate designs
Type-C interface Compatible with mobile phone and power bank cables
ABS hard dust shield Airtight, prevents dust leakage
Dust cup lock prevents accidental opening The cup lid can be secured to keep it from opening accidentally
Detachable dust cup and filtration parts Washable by water for easy clean
*Slimmer than a flask: The flask referred to is the Mi Vacuum-Insulated Flask 2, with a diameter of 65 mm. The Mi Portable Vacuum Cleaner has a diameter of 55 mm.*13,000 Pa powerful suction: With a fully charged battery, the measured overall vacuum reaches 13,000 Pa in high gear and 7760 Pa in low gear. Data from Suzhou Luchuang Detection Technology Service Co., Ltd. Report no.: 2063-20A-01*30-minute battery life: When fully charged, the measured time for the battery is 30 minutes. Data from Suzhou Luchuang Detection Technology Service Co., Ltd. Report no.: No.0263-20A-02.*Compatible with mobile phone and power bank cables: We recommend using the original charging cable to charge the Mi Portable Vacuum Cleaner. If you need to use cables for mobile phones and power banks, we recommend that you use the original cables to avoid electricity leakage and other accidents.