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The following terms and conditions (hereinafter, the "Terms") regulate the Xiaomi Activity called IMEI Redemption (hereinafter the "Activity").


Xiaomi Technology UK Limited, having its registered office at 100 Brook Drive, Green Park, Reading RG2 6UJ, United Kingdom (the "Promoter" or “Xiaomi”).

Hereinafter referred to as "the Organizer" or “We”).

If any participant (“Participant” or “You”) has any question about the rules of this Activity, please contact us.

Xiaomi customer service [02-77255376]

Xiaomi online customer service []

This Activity is regulated by these Terms and Conditions. By participating in the Activity, you are hereby accepting (i) the Activity’s present Terms and Conditions as well as (ii) Xiaomi’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on


The Activity is valid in United Kingdom.


In order to participate in the Activity, you must have the legal age of the Territory from which you participate and have the legal capacity according to the applicable laws of his/her place of residence.

If you return the Product, you shall lose the participation qualification.

You should have a Mi account to enter the Activity. If you don’t have a Mi account, you need to register one first.

For redemption process, Participants should purchase Xiaomi smartphones or eco products (“Product(s)”) showed in the Annex I.

Product List

Xiaomi 13

Redmi Note 12 Pro+ 5G


Xiaomi 13 Pro

Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G

POCO X5 Pro 5G

Xiaomi 13 Lite

Redmi Note 12 5G


Xiaomi 12T Pro

Redmi Note 12


Xiaomi 12T

Redmi 12C


Xiaomi 12 Lite

Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G


Xiaomi 12 Pro

Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G


Xiaomi 12

Redmi Note 11 Pro


Xiaomi 11T

Redmi Note 11

POCO X4 Pro 5G

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE

Redmi Note 10 Pro

POCO M4 Pro 5G

Xiaomi 11T Pro

Redmi 10 2022


Mi 11 Lite 5G

Redmi Note 10 5G


Mi 11 Ultra

Redmi Note 10S


Mi 11

Redmi 10


Mi 10 Pro

Redmi Note 9T


Mi 10

Redmi 9C


Redmi Pad

Redmi 9


Xiaomi Pad 5

Redmi Note 9



Redmi 10C



The Activity will 13 September 2023 and end on 31 December 2023 at 11:59pm.



To successfully participate in the Activity, you must purchase the specified Products showed in the Annex I from authorized Xiaomi channels, and the product activation time needs to be greater than 15 days.

The Participant shall sign in on and land on the redemption page ( Participants should fill in the information including product name, purchase channel, IMEI or SN number and email and submit successfully.

*You should enter IMEI number if you purchase phone product and SN number if you purchase AIOT products.

You can find your IMEI number by dialing and entering *#06#.

You can find IMEI or SN number on the code sticker on the back of device or the packaging box.

An IMEI/SN number can only participate in the Activity once. If you have two or more IMEI/SN number of the product, you are able to participate multiple times through them.

When the qualification passes, will send an email including the coupon information(10% off Coupon | IMEI).

If you encounter any difficulties during the redemption process (e.g. system failure, unable to redeem), please fill in the form in the FAQ on We will determine whether you are eligible to redeem the benefits according to the information you provided in the form. If you are eligible, the benefits will be issued to your account within two (2) working days.

Submissions are subject to review by the Organizer. You may not pass the review unless you fill in or upload relevant materials as required. It will be deemed that you have automatically given up participating if the qualification review is not passed due to your own reason. Participants who have failed the qualification review have no right to require extending or participating in the Activity or require the Activity reward in any other ways. The Organizer reserves the right of final interpretation of the Activity.

Participants who purchase a product within the specified time, but fail to complete the submission successfully within the Activity deadline will be deemed to have automatically waived their qualification, and have no other right of extending or participation.


The promotional offer is valid until September 30, 2023 at 11:59 pm. The offer is non-transferable and may not be resold. If you violate any of these terms, the offer will be invalid.


6.1 Advertising service providers, dealers and any other third party related to the management or organization of the Activity are not allowed to participate in the Activity.

6.2 Participant is only able to join each Activity once using one IMEI/SN number related to one product. If the IMEI/SN is reused, the participation qualification will be automatically cancelled without any prior notice.

6.3 The same IMEI/SN number can only participate in one IMEI/SN redemption activity.

6.4 Organizer reserves the right to modify or terminate the Activity and the Terms at any time. Any changes will be announced on the official website of Xiaomi ( without any prior notice. If you violate the Terms and the rules of the Activity, the Organizer may cancel your participation qualification.

6.5 The Participants should participate in the Activity by themselves, and should not entrust any third party to participate or receive the gifts on their behalf. If the information uploaded by consumers is identified as a distributor or a retailer, the Organizer has the right to refuse to provide the reward.

6.6 Participants guarantee that all the information filled in or submitted is true and correct, and that no information of any third party has been used or misappropriated, otherwise the Organizer has the right to ask the Participant to show the relevant certificates to prove that he/she is the consumer himself/herself, or the Organizer has the right to cancel his/her qualification.

6.7 If you fail to pass the qualification review, you should contact customer service for inquiries or appeal within 7 working days after receiving the failure notice. If you exceed the time limit, the review result will be deemed to be accepted by you and will not be processed.

6.8 Organizer will notify you of the review result by the email you filled in. If you do not receive a notification related to the Activity, please contact customer service of the Activity you participate in.

6.9 The Organizer is not responsible for and do not compensate any delay, loss, error, unrecognizable or damage to the information sent or registered by Participants due to computer, network, telephone, technology or any other reason not attributable to the Organizer.

6.10 If any participant has any dishonest and malicious behavior, including misleading behavior, (such as making the Organizer suspects that the account is suspected of improperly registering and using the account or participating in Activities; making the Organizer make a wrong judgment on your qualifications, etc.), improper behavior (such as malicious registration, batch registration of multiple accounts that are obviously unreasonable, etc.; use of non-human means or other improper auxiliary means to obtain Activity rewards, etc.), fraud or coercive means (such as concealing acquisition Activities reward, etc.), or in violation of any applicable legal requirements, for anyone who participates in the Activity through improper means or makes the Organizer reasonably suspect that you are participating in this Activity through improper means, the Organizer has the right, without any prior notice, to disqualify the participant from participating in the Activity and any other Activity immediately and automatically. The Organizer reserves the right to judge the aforementioned improper participation in the Activity. At the same time, the Organizer reserves the right to freeze the aforementioned maliciously registered and used accounts.


We attach great importance to your privacy and is committed to ensuring the security of your personal information. The Organizer strictly complies with all applicable laws and privacy policies for processing your personal information.

For the purpose of distributing the reward to you, providing you with the service and sending the notices of to you, the Organizer will act as the data controller and may collect personal information and the device information from you to ensure the proper organization and management of the Activity, like qualification review, delivery of rewards, etc..

1) When finishing redemption process in the, you agree to provide the following information:

Mi ID, IMEI/SN number, product name, purchase channel, email address

2) When filling in the FAQ form for resolving redemption difficulties, you agree to provide the following information:

Mi ID, product name, phone IMEI code / AIOT product SN code, purchase channel

The Organizer will only share your information for legitimate, specific, necessary and explicit purposes. By entering the Activity, you hereby consent that the above Personal data will be collected by us. You can also choose not to provide personal information, but your participation or eligibility to qualify for rewards may be forfeited due to incomplete procedures.

We will collect, use, disclose, process and protect your personal information according to our privacy policy. Learn about the privacy policy of .

Ultimately, we want the best for all our Participants. If you have any concerns about our data management practice outlined in this Privacy Policy, please contact to submit your concerns. We will be happy to resolve your concerns directly.


Participation in the Project will be governed by the Terms, which will be interpreted and applied in accordance with the laws where the Organizer has its seat.

The participants have the right of filing claims at a competent court in the country or region in which they are resident.