Mi 11 Pro FAQ


Mi 11 Pro FAQ

1QWhat are the features of Mi 11 Pro

AMi 11 Pro adopts flexible screenhas a 5000mAh large rechargeable batterythe standard wired charger output is 67W. The hardware is equipped with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888 , 6.81-inch eye-protection screen, brings a cinematic visual experience.

1QWhat are the features of Mi 11 Proand what material does it use
AMi 11 Pro uses a 6.81-inch screen. Screen glass material is Corning 7th Gorilla glass, and lens protection glass material is Corning GG5.

2QDoes Mi 11 Pro have touch button
AMi 11 Pro doesn’t have touch button and uses a virtual button scheme.
Setting path: Additional settings >> Full screen display>>Buttons

3QDoes Mi 11 Pro have a LED charge indicator light
AMi 11 Pro doesn’t have a LED charge indicator light.

4.QWhat specification interface does Mi 11 Pro use?
AMi 11 Pro supports Type-C digital headsets, Type-C analog headsets, and Type-C to 3.5mm headsets.

5Q: Does Mi 11 Pro support AI face unlock and Side-mounted fingerprint sensor? Is there any new unlock function?
A: Mi 11 Pro support AI face unlock and side-mounted fingerprint sensor. The face unlock of Mi 11 Pro can achieve fast and safe face unlock through high-precision intelligent matching through face detection, attitude estimation, quality assessment, feature extraction, face comparison, in vivo detection and other technologies. Side-mounted fingerprint sensor adopts hidden fingerprint, fingerprint recognition position is on the power button. The dark fingerprint unlocking function is added to the mobile phone. When the ambient light is dark, the brightness of the spot can be reduced to avoid glare. The switch is turned off by default. After typing fingerprint, open this function in Settings - Password & Security - Fingerprint unlock. When triggering dark unlock, the fingerprint unlock time is increased, so it is turned off by default.
Risk tip: Face recognition is less secure than graphic, digital and hybrid passwords, and the phone could be unlocked by photos, people with similar looks or objects with similar features.

6. Q: Does Mi 11 Pro support waterproofing?
A: Mi 11 Pro supports IP68 living waterproof and dustproof. Damages caused by invading liquid or dust are not covered by the warranty. In addition, life dustproof spillage function will be reduced due to daily wear and tear, not permanent effective. Do not charge mobile phone in wet condition.

7. Q:How long does it take to charge Mi 11 Pro fully with a standard charger?
A:It is fully charged in 36 minutes in Lab test environment.

8. Q: Standard package:
A:Mi 11 Pro | Adapter | USB Type-C Cable | Type-C to 3.5 mm Headphone Adapter | SIM eject tool | Soft case | User guide | Warranty card
Hardware related

1.Q: What is the selfie effect of Mi 11 Pro front camera?
A: Mi 11 Pro uses a 20MP camera with AI portrait mode in the front, express the emotions through the lens.

2. Q: How does the Mi 11 Pro rear camera?
A: The Mi 11 Pro rear camera adopts 50M(main camera)+13M (ultra wide-angle)+8M(long-focus), which can detect multiple scenes to create better images.

3.Q: Why doesn't Mi 11 Pro blur in preview when taking photos in portrait mode?
A: For the comprehensive consideration of power and performance, Mi 11 Pro will not render the blur effect in the preview state when taking photos in portrait mode. After the shooting, the photos taken in portrait mode will show the background blur effect.

4.Q: What screen does Mi 11 Pro use?
A: Mi 11 Pro use a 1440*3200 resolution screen. At present, most apps on the market can automatically recognize the size and resolution of the phone's screen. A small number of software or play video may not be full screen, not full screen software can be in the full screen Settings can force full screen, no black edge.
Note: if the current frequently used App of abnormal display and screen proportion is out of balance, submits feedback in the desktop >> system tools folder >>Services & feedback, and the module selects more >> third party Application >>select the corresponding application name, and detailed description of the problem of the App name, App developers will make adaptation updates.

5.Q: What are the features of the Mi 11 Pro screen? Does it support sun screen, night screen, eye protection mode and color temperature adjustment?
A: Mi 11 Pro use a 6.81-inch eye-protection screen with a resolution of 1440*3200.Support for sunlight screen, stepless color temperature regulation.

6.Q: What kind of SIM card can Mi 11 Pro use? Does it support external SD card?
A: Mi 11 Pro adopts Nano SIM + Nano SIM.
Note 1: It is not recommended to cut the card by themselves, which may cause damage to the card holder, fail to recognize the card or SIM card can not be taken out, etc.

7.Q: Does Mi 11 Pro support 5G and esim card?
A: Mi 11 Pro supports 5G networks but doesn’t support esim card.

8.Q: Does Mi 11 Pro support VoLTE?
A: Mi 11 Pro supports VoLTE (HD voice and video calling). Use this feature to make the call faster, better call quality.It needs SIM card operator to support, and the region has VoLTE network signal coverage.

9.Q: Does Mi 11 Pro support VoWiFi?
A: Mi 11 Pro supports VoWiFi. Some operators support VoWiFi, depending on the actual situation.

10.Q: What is the capacity of the Mi 11 Pro battery?
A: Mi 11 Pro battery capacity is 5000mAh large capacity.
* The actual situation may vary with usage scenarios and software versions.

11.Q: Does Mi 11 Pro support quick charging? What is the standard of the adapter?
A: Mi 11 Pro supports QC4+ / QC3+ / PD3.0 quick charge protocol.

12.Q: Does Mi 11 Pro support NFC (near field communication)?
A: Mi 11 Pro supports NFC.

13.Q: Does Mi 11 Pro support WiFi Direct\WiFi Display?2.4G/5GWiFi?
A: Mi 11 Pro supports WiFi Direct/WiFi Display,2.4G supports b/g/n/ax,5G supports a/n/ac/ax protocol.

14.Q: What is the bluetooth version of Mi 11 Pro?
A: Mi 11 Pro use bluetooth version Bluetooth 5.2, and HID, can connect to external devices such as bluetooth mouse and bluetooth keyboard.

15.Q: What are the Bluetooth audio protocols supported by Mi 11 Pro?
A: Mi 11 Pro supports AACaptXaptX HDaptX AdaptiveLDACLHDC.

16.Q: Does Mi 11 Pro support radio function?
A: Mi 11 Pro doesn’t support headphone FM function.

17.What Global band does Mi 11 Pro support?
A: GSM:2/3/5/8
LTE FDD:1/2/3/4/5/7/8/20/28/32/66/12/17
LTE TDD:38/40/41/42
System related

1.Q: Does Mi 11 Pro have voice assistant?
A: Mi 11 Pro has Google voice assistant.

2.Q: Does Mi 11 Pro support high volume mode?
A: Mi 11 Pro supports the high-volume mode. After adjusting the call volume to full, press the volume + button upward to enable the high-volume mode. By optimizing the software with the underlying hardware, the volume of the receiver can be increased again. At the same time, Mi 11 Pro supports external amplifying volume, which greatly improves the external playback volume and sound quality of the phone.

3.Q: Does Mi 11 Pro support big MAC fonts?
A: Mi 11 Pro supports big MAC font, which makes reading large characters easier and more convenient for the elderly.
Open path: System Settings >> Display >> Text size >> select "big MAC".

4.Q: Does Mi 11 Pro support split screen mode?
A: Mi 11 Pro supports split screen mode.

5.Q: Does Mi 11 Pro support full-screen gestures?
A: Mi 11 Pro supports full-screen gestures, select directly at the first boot or switch in the full-screen options set by the system after entering the system.

6.Q: Does Mi 11 Pro support one-handed mode?
A: Mi 11 Pro supports one hand mode, open method: Settings >> Additional settings >> One-handed mode, choose to use different sizes.

7.Q: Does Mi 11 Pro support double click to wake up?
A: Mi 11 Pro supports double click on the screen to wake up (the system is turned off by default), which needs to be turned on manually.
Open Double tap screen to wake setting path: system settings >> Lock screen >> Double tap screen to wake.

8.Q: How does Mi 11 Pro perform hardware detection?
A: There are two ways of hardware detection for Mi 11 Pro:
Method 1: enter "*#*#64663#*#*" in the dial interface, or enter "*#*#6484#*#*".
Mode 2: in the Setting>>About phone>>All specs, click "kernel version" four times.

9.Q: Does Mi 11 Pro have Bootloader lock?
A: In order to improve the security of user data, ensure the reliability of phone search function, and prevent scalpers from batch swiping third-party ROM, which may lead to user information leakage or other system problems, Mi 11 Pro has added Bootloader lock.

10. Q: Does Mi 11 Pro support the Recovery mode to empty data?
A: Mi 11 Pro supports the Recovery mode to clear all data. Enter the Recovery mode: in the shutdown state, hold down the volume + power button, and release the power button until entering the Recovery mode after Mi Logo appears on the screen. 

11. Q: Does Mi 11 support the Recovery mode to empty data?

A: Mi 11 supports the Recovery mode to clear all data.Enter the Recovery mode: in the shutdown state, hold down the volume + power button, and release the power button until entering the Recovery mode after Mi Logo appears on the screen.