Perfect in light and at night

Redmi Note 2's display is optimized especially for the young and active. So whether you're biking at noon or watching videos at 2am, the display stays comfortably bright and readable. Sunlight Display adjusts screen contrast under bright light to improve readability while Night Display dims brightness in the dark to produce a comfortable glow. In addition, Reading Mode reduces blue light emissions and prevents eye strain, which is great for reading up on study notes.

  • 1080p
  • IPS
    Wide viewing angle
  • 5.5"

Here comes the sun

Sunlight Display improves readability in sunlight

Maxing out on brightness levels under sunlight has a limited effect on readability and quickly drains battery. Sunlight Display counters this by using hardware-level technology to adjust the contrast of each pixel in real time, so images are less affected by glare. Clearly see the difference when you take photos under the sun. If you love the large display on phablets, you'll love Redmi Note 2 more because of Sunlight Display.
  • Redmi Note 2 Sunlight Display

    With Sunlight Display

  • Ordinary Phones Without Sunlight Display

    Without Sunlight Display

  • The night is always young

    5 times dimmer with Night Display

    Upcoming projects, looming deadlines - there are many reasons why we stay up all night and sleep all day. With Night Display, Redmi Note 2 can dim down to as low as 1 cd/m² to prevent eye strain. That's 5 times lower than regular phones, giving you better control over brightness in low-light conditions.

    • 1cd/m²
      Lowest brightness on Redmi Note 2
    • 5cd/m²
      Lowest brightness on regular phones
    • Night Display
    • Regular displays

    Reading mode reduces
    blue light, protects eyes

    All phones emit blue light that can cause eye strain and discomfort. Reading mode aims to protect your eyes by adjusting the amount of blue light on the display. This creates a yellow hue much like the color of printed books. We can't change how connected we are to our phones, but we can choose how we let it affect our eyes.

    • Improves sleep
      Blue light suppresses melatonin secretion which is bad for sleep. Reading mode reduces blue light so you can sleep better at night.
    • Protects eyes
      Reading mode reduces high-energy blue light, which has been known to cause eye damage.

    Never stop exploring

    5.5" 1080p IPS fully laminated display

    Phone displays are our window to the world. To do that, we made sure Redmi Note 2 has a 1080p full HD display with 400 PPI for utmost clarity. In-plane switching (IPS) technology delivers a wide 178° viewing angle. It's fully laminated so colors pop off the screen, producing a truly immersive experience.

    • Fully laminated display

      Layers of protective glass, touch sensor, and display are integrated into one. This removes light refractions caused by air gaps between each layer and improves light transmissions. This keeps the phone thin, and lets colors pop off the screen.

    • IPS wide viewing angle

      The 178° wide viewing angle produces stunning color consistency. So even when you watch videos with friends, colors stay visible and vibrant no matter how you tilt Redmi Note 2.