A design that's
young and alive

We designed Redmi Note 2 in young, refreshing colors that come alive in your hand. The back covers don't just look good, its matte finish also feels smooth and comfortable in hand. It wraps around the edge of the phone seamlessly, providing an excellent grip. Despite its 8.25mm slender frame, it houses a 3060mAh battery and weighs just 160g.

  • 8.25mm thin
  • 160g light

Fits right in your hand

Large 5.5" display,
Slim 8.25mm frame

We all want the benefits of a large display without carrying a brick in our pockets. In order to make Redmi Note 2 light and thin while still maintaining a 5.5" display, we had to use a 4.4V high-density battery which is smaller in size but offers the same 3060mAh capacity. It also has an optimized screen-to-body ratio, so Redmi Note 2 remains relatively narrow. The result is a phone that's just 87% the thickness of the previous Redmi Note, and 25g lighter. Not all phablets are heavy to carry around. You just need to hold Redmi Note 2 to feel the difference.

Keep your options open

Replaceable back covers

The replaceable back covers come in creamy, rich colors that wrap snugly around the sides of Redmi Note 2. That's not all, each back cover is sprayed matte and is resistant to fingerprint marks and grease stains.

  • Pink perfection
  • Sunshine yellow
  • Pure white

Take a closer look

Delicate details

Redmi Note 2 is even more gorgeous up close. The rear camera sits almost flush to the surface, while CNC drilling creates 132 perfect speaker holes. We've even added a slight protrusion under the speaker holes to allow sound to escape when the phone is placed on a table.

Ready for some rough play

Tough magnesium alloy support structure

Accidents happen. The strong yet lightweight magnesium alloy support structure steps in when this happens, protecting the phone's internal components from drops and jarring impact. The material also dissipates heat and helps Redmi Note 2 keep its cool.

The ice bucket treatment

High performance
graphite cooling film

An excellent cooling system lets internal components perform at its best. The graphite cooling film does to the Helio X10 processor what the ice bucket challenge would do to you. It drastically lowers Redmi Note 2's operating temperature even when all 8 cores are in use.