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No limits, listen freely

Mi True Wireless
Earphones Lite

  • True Wireless Stereo

  • In-Ear Design

  • In-Ear Detection

  • Long Battery Life

  • ACC Support

  • Single-Ear Mode

  • Double-Tap Control

  • Stable Bluetooth 5.0 Connection

True Wireless Stereo

Mi True Wireless Earphones use a completely wire-free design that
unbinds left from right, creating an all new, completely liberated
experience when you listen. As small as these earphones are, they
pack a sound you'll have to hear to believe.

True-to-life sound with premium quality

Mi True Wireless earphones support AAC codec,which means original sound is more completely restored and
vocals won't blend together with instrumentals.Good music deserves high quality sound.

Clear calls, less
background noise

Both earphones are equipped with high-sensitivity
microphones that effectively inhibit backgrounds
noise with beamforming + ENC technology, so the
call is as clear for them as it is for you.

Long battery life for non-stop music

The earphones are automatically charged in the charging case. The playback lasts up to 4
hours. Combined with the charging case, the overall battery life can go up to 16 hours.


fully charged


single use


with case

In-ear detection
powered by built-in
optical sensors

The built-in infrared sensor can detect whether you're
wearing the earphones in real time. It senses when you
put them in, and playback will automatically pause when
they’re removed. Whether you're watching a movie or
listening to music, you won't miss a single frame or note.

Double-tap to access music, call, or voice assistant

Tap the earphones to control the music, call, activate voice assistant, etc. They can be operated easily without reaching to the mobile phone.

  • Incoming call/hang up

    Tap earphones on either
    side twice

  • Wake voice assistant

    Tap earphones on left
    side twice

  • Play in both ears/pause

    Tap earphones on right
    side twice

  • Play in single ear/pause

    Tap the earphone twice

  • Pause music

    Take off one earphone

Light and
comfortable to wear

The silicone ear tips help to reduce outside noise while improving
comfort and stability for the best wearing experience. You can use
them while working out without worry.

Easy-to-carry case

One case for both carrying and charging your earphones.
Altogether, the case and earphones are just 50g. Carry it
with you anywhere and listen anytime.

Bluetooth 5.0* microchip, steady flow

With the Bluetooth 5.0* microchip, you will obtain a more stable wireless connection, faster transmission speeds, and
stronger compatibility, bringing you high-quality audio and a clearer call experience.

Compatible with all types of Bluetooth devices

Turn on Bluetooth on your iOS/Android phones to connect. They also
support computers, tablets, and more.