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Mi Pocket Photo Printer

Bring moments to life with 15-second AR photos*

AR videos | AR audio | Multiple simultaneous connections | 3-inch inkless sticky-backed photos*

(Comes with five sheets of sticky-backed photo paper)

  • Inkless printing

  • Photo collages

  • Multiple filters

  • Photo sticker printing

  • Multiple simultaneous connections

  • Bluetooth printing

  • AR video printing

  • AR audio photo

Scan AR photos 

Just record or upload any video when printing a photo,
then scan the photo using the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app to experience AR virtual photo effects.

then scan the photo using the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app to experience AR virtual photo effects.

Scan the AR audio photo
Play the audio and pass on the feeling

Record or upload any video when printing a photo, then open the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app and scan the photo to hear the embedded audio message anytime, anywhere.

Happy birthday

I've had a crush on you for a long time

Marry me

Lots of fun templates on the
Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app
Easily express your creativity through photos

  • Wide range of photo
    collage templates
    Lets you stitch tons of photos

  • Wide range of photo-splicing templates
    Easily paste across pages

  • Plus a wide range of text templates
    Photo sticker templates let you get creative with printing

One printer can be shared between several people
Turn on Bluetooth to add more fun to the party

Bluetooth printing, no Wi-Fi needed
Supports multiple simultaneous Bluetooth
connections, with print jobs added to the queue*

Compact design, fits in your pocket

Small as a power bank, easily fits in your pocket
The external case is made of ABS and PC flame-retardant
material, which resists deforming and discoloration.
The attractive and compact device body features only three buttons

  • Sliding cover for easy paper loading

    The sliding cover design lets you load paper in just two steps
    Slides open smoothly and easily, without separating the case from the device
    Better paper loading experience

  • Clear color, instant printing

    ZINK inkless printing technology uses microcrystal dyes embedded in the paper
    No ink needed, images are formed when the photo paper is heated by the print head
    No ink means less wear on the print head

  • Highly adhesive sticky-backed photo paper

    Works with ZINK sticky-backed photo paper
    Better color retention and greater viscosity for reliable use
    Costs less than other photo paper, so you can use it more freely

Mi Pocket Printer
Sticky-backed Photo Paper

Get creative and have fun sticking photos to any surface

Mi exclusive | Inkless printing | Instant photo printing | Fun 3-inch photos |
Sticky-backed design | Good quality at a low price

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3-step easy assembly

Step 1

Open the printer's paper tray cover.

Step 2

Place the photo paper into the printer with the barcode on the orange calibration card facing down.
(We recommended loading a full pack each time. The orange calibration card must be at the bottom.)

Step 3

Close the printer's paper tray cover.

*15-second AR photos refers to videos up to 15 seconds long that can be stored on the cloud.
*The "inch" in "3-inch" is not a unit of measurement but for the purpose of distinguishing between product models. Please refer to the product specifications for actual size information.
*Supports up to three simultaneous Bluetooth connections.
*Comes with five sheets of sticky-backed photo paper. Please purchase additional sheets separately.