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Mi Dash Cam 1S

Outstanding night-time picture

Sony IMX307 image sensor | 3D noise cancellation | IPS large display

*Storage card not included. A class 10 or above 16-64GB MicroSD card is recommended.

1080p STARVIS night vision

Clearer picture at night

Behind the f/1.8 aperture lens of the Mi Dash Cam 1S is a Sony IMX307
STARVIS* night vision sensor that provides remarkable low-light imaging
results. The dash cam also features a 140° wide-angle view, allowing it to
record three lanes of traffic at once.

  • IMX F307

  • 140°

  • F/1.8

*STARVIS is a trademark of Sony Corporation. STARVIS is back-illuminated pixel technology
used in CMOS image sensors and is used to improve the low-light picture taken by the dash cam.

Improved SigmaStar chip

Robust performance

The SigmaStar chip uses total HD (1080p) image processing technology.
Paired with high fidelity H.264 video encoding storage, video comes out
sharp and detailed. Even sound is audible and distinct with 3D noise
cancellation that reduces background noises. Every second of your dash
cam recordings will be extraordinarily clear.

Minimalist design with 3-inch IPS display

Mi Dash Cam 1S features a large lens mounted on a light aluminum body. Meanwhile, the IPS large
display has a resolution of 640 x 360, giving you clear view of what the camera is capturing.

Monitor your car while it's parked

Turn on the parking monitor feature and the Mi Dash Cam 1S will automatically enter parking monitor mode when the engine is
turned off. Then whenever the dash cam detects acceleration or vibration, it will automatically begin recording video to separate
storage space. The dash cam can do this using only its internal battery and does not require any additional wiring.

*Parking monitor mode may take about 20 minutes to turn on for car models that do not automatically cut power from the cigarette lighter when the
engine is turned off.
*Parking monitor mode may be affected when the dash cam's battery is low when the temperature is outside of the battery's operating range.
  • Collision file locking
    Save your data to set the record

    Mi Dash Cam 1S is equipped with a built-in gravity
    sensor with adjustable sensitivity, allowing it to detect
    when an accident has occurred and store the relevant
    footage in separate storage space to prevent it from
    being overlaid with looped footage, ensuring that the
    record is set straight.

  • Watch videos data-free with
    the Mi Home app
    Easily download recordings

    Open the Mi Home app and connect to the dash
    cam’s Wi-Fi to view filming in real time and download
    videos to your phone, all without using up your
    phone's data.

  • Electrostatic sticker +
    heat-resistant adhesive
    Set up and remove without
    leaving marks

    Unlike traditional suction mounting, Mi Dash Cam 1S
    uses an electrostatic sticker paired with heat-resistant
    adhesive for a more firm and lasting mount without
    leaving marks on your windshield and won't fall off in
    high heat.

Mounting instructions:

  • Place the electrostatic sticker on the
    windshield. It is recommended to
    place it near the rearview mirror.*

  • Connect the dash cam to the base.

  • Stick the base onto the electrostatic

  • Connect the power cable to the cigarette

*Requires a windshield angle of ≥63° (some trucks, buses and vans may not meet this criteria). Can be mounted in standard passenger cars and SUVs without issue.
**For some car models, it is recommended that you unplug the dash cam after turning off the engine to avoid using up the car battery.

Wiring method