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Mi Laptop Insurance

Mi Laptop Insurance

Mi Accidental & Liquid damage Plan – Terms & Conditions

  1. The Plan: This Mi Accidental & Liquid damage plan governs the registration and support process for any kind of accidental & liquid damages to Xiaomi laptops sold by Authorised Sales Channels of Xiaomi in India in its original packaging. This Plan is not valid for any products that are either refurbished or purchased by a customer post a return from the first customer, even in an unboxed condition.

  2. Plan Term & EligibilityCoverage begins when the Customer purchase the Plan for his Laptop (“Device”) and ends on completion of one year from the date of purchase of the Plan (“Plan Term”). This Plan is eligible only for new laptops purchased at the point of sales

  3. Plan features
    3.1. The Plan covers entire repair cost of the laptop
    3.2. Customer can avail 2 claims in an year
    3.3. The Plan is linked to the IMEI/SN of the laptop only and independent of the customer ownership
    3.4. Zero documentation requirement from customer during claim process
    3.5. Repairs need to be carried out through Xiaomi Authorized Service centers only
    3.6. Customer claims need to be approved within 2 working hours
    3.7. No deductible to be paid by customer to Xiaomi ASC directly
    3.8. Customer can cancel the policy maximum within 7 working days from the date of purchase

  4. Coverage Details
    4.1. This plan provides coverage against any kind of repair due to accidental & liquid damage
    4.2. The accidental & liquid damage coverage is valid up-to 2 claims during the plan term irrespective of nature and cause of the damage
    4.3. BER is the cost of repair equal to or more than 80% of Sum Insured or Invoice Value whichever is lower. In case of Total loss/BER or if the device is beyond repair due to spare parts unavailability, device model being phased out in the market or other reasons, One Assist at their discretion may choose to provide customer with a Replacement device (Refurbished) of same model or similar model on case to case basis OR may pay the customer the depreciated amount
    4.4. Coverage applicable to all Xiaomi Laptops available currently for sales and new models whenever launched by Xiaomi
    4.5. No cooling period applicable and claim will be applicable from the date of purchase

  5. Benefits Value
    Maximum Benefits Value is equivalent to cost of the laptop invoice value, during the Plan Period & avail the benefit 2 times in a year. Any other repairs during the Plan Term or all subsequent repair requests shall be considered as paid repairs only, and the Customer is liable to make payments for such repair requests if undertaken through Xiaomi ASC’s

  6. Scope of Service under the Plan
    Provided the registered laptop is handed over to Xiaomi Authorised Service Centres in its entirety during the claim request process and have purchased the registered laptop from official sales channels of Xiaomi in India, the following conditions would be considered under the Plan.


  1. Any kind of physical damage
  2. Laptop not functioning issues due to liquid damage on the device
  3. Laptop with IMEI/SN number that has been altered due to DoA replacement process or repair carried out by Xiaomi service centers
  4. Suffers the damage due to
    2.1 Acts of god perils, fire, lightening and explosion
    2.2 Damage during riot, strike & malicious damage


  1. Plans purchased on Device which was not under the manufacturer’s warranty at the time of Plan purchase
  2. Any type of unauthorised repair carried out
  3. Loss arising after the Plan term is expired
  4. Damage covered by supplier, dealer or manufacturer’s limited warranty
  5. Consequential loss or any kind of wear and tear damages like scratches, dents and broken plastic on ports
  6. If the said Accidental & Damage plan Repair Request has already been availed twice during the term of the Plan

  7. Worldwide cover
    The Registered Laptop is covered for damages occurring anywhere in the world. However, the fulfilment of the claim (repairs), will be done only in India as per the process mentioned.

  8. Mi Accidental & Liquid damage plan Repair Request Fulfilment Process
    In the event of damage to the laptop, One Assist need to follow the below process:
    8.1. Customer should able to register their claim request to One Assist through their mobile app or Consumer Portal or Call Centre whichever convenient to customer. Customer should not be forced to download only specific channel to register their claim request
    8.2. No demand should be made by One Assist towards purchase proof or any other document as the product sold during the point of sale only.
    8.3. Received claim request should be processed during the same call or maximum within 1 hour. One Assist should communicate the claim request status as either approved or rejected by SMS & email within 2 working hours.
    8.4. One Assist should raise the appointment token on behalf of the customer in the appointment link shared by Xiaomi within above 2 working hours.
    8.5. One Assist should follow up and remind the customer in case of any delay in visit to service center till the complaint get registered at Xiaomi ASC
    8.6. If the laptop declared as BER (repair cost above 80% of handset invoice cost) by Xiaomi ASC and marked as RWR (Return Without Repair) or Cancelled then One Assist need to settle the customer as per BER norms
    8.7. One Assist need to settle Xiaomi ASP’s on weekly basis towards the repair cost incurred during claim process towards the customers diverted by One Assist to their ASC’s and these payments need to be made within 7 days of Invoice receipt from the respective xiaomi ASP

  9. Support Contact Details:
    9.1. One Assist Customer Service Number: 1800-123-3330 (Toll Free), all days, 9am to 9pm
    9.2. One Assist Customer Service Email ID:
    9.3. One Assist website URL