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For your max viewing pleasure

Stunning from all angles, the 16.4cm (6.44) large display on Mi Max delivers a beautifully immersive mobile experience. So whether you're watching a TV show, reading a book, or navigating a map, you'll always have more content on hand to see the big picture.


Mi Max, your mobile IMAX

Bigger is always better when watching movies and TV shows. Play episode after episode while fully
immersed in rich detail. The 16.4cm (6.44) display is large enough to share the entertainment with a travel
partner on the bus or train.


Game in a larger arena

Game to your heart's content with a larger display. It's more fun to aim, shoot and race when graphics
are clearer and pop off the screen. Whether it's tower defense, role-playing or puzzles, you'll be be able
to see better and game better with Mi Max.


As much viewing area as a 6" Kindle

Mi Max is perfect for reading on commutes and long travels. Text size is comfortably big and the 16.4cm
(6.44) display shows more in each glance, so you flip less. Read books, news articles, comics and
magazines easily and naturally, from cover to cover.

Office tools

Productivity at its max

Jot down meeting notes and respond to emails quickly. Typing is more precise on the large keyboard.
Leading a small meeting with two or three people? Refer to documents, tables and powerpoints on
Mi Max and edit them on the fly. It's a great office tool that's by your side 24/7.


Big display for big shoppers

Shopping is easier and more fun when you get to see and explore more. Zoom in on textures and
styles in bigger detail, scroll through more search results and see more descriptions at a glance. Mi
Max not only delivers a more efficient shopping experience, it's a shopaholic's dream screen too.


Traffic and directions at a glance

See more of the map when checking traffic conditions, planning routes, and navigating. One
quick glance is all you need, and you can fix your attention back on the road. It's a safer way to
drive. The large display also makes it easier to input address and search for your destination.


Maximize your window to the web

Mobile browsing can be limiting, that's why most people switch to tablets or laptops at
home to search or surf. With Mi Max's roomy and spacious display, you won't need to
switch to a different device. Browse webpages, forums, sports results and news sites as
effortlessly as using a tablet.


Create on a larger canvas

Mi Max is what most creative types need: a larger canvas, a better instrument, a brighter
stage. Edit and curate your portfolio with photo editing apps. Create impromptu piano riffs and
play them out so you don't forget. What will you create next?


Comic relief

Reading comics on Mi Max is an addictive experience. The large, stunning display is the best
complement to your favorite graphic novels. Text is crisp, clear and comfortable to read so you
don't have to zoom in to read dialogues, allowing you to savor more panels.


Snap, edit, post. Repeat.

Snap comfortably with one hand, then use Mi Max's large display to brighten, crop, filter and
edit with precision. With up to 3456 x 4680 resolution photos, you can even print photographs
as large as 15.24cm (6).


A recipe for success

Cook with Mi Max by your side. The large screen makes it so clear and easy to follow
step-by-step instructions. What will you cook next?

Speed, battery, memory. Mi Max is big in more ways than one. Learn about Performance

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