Mi Maxis the new big

16.4cm (6.44) immersive display, large 4850mAh battery
  • Mi Max

    Snapdragon 650

    3GB + 32GB

  • Mi Max Prime

    Snapdragon 652

    4GB + 128GB

Max out on movies and shows

Bigger is better with Mi Max, especially when watching hit shows and movies on-the-go.
Notice fine detail and read subtitles comfortably, even when you're sharing the screen with friends.

  • 12.6cm (5) Mi 4 display
  • 16.4cm (6.44) Mi Max display

Max out your gaming experience

The large display dramatically improves gaming visibility and allows for precise taps. It's the best way to level up your game.

  • 16.4cm (6.44) Mi Max display
  • 12.6cm (5) Mi 4 display

Max out on books and magazines

Mi Max doubles up as an e-book reader. The large display shows more words at a glance, so you have to flip fewer pages.
It's the best way to catch up on books, magazines, and comics when travelling.

  • 16.4cm (6.44) Mi Max display
  • 12.6cm (5) Mi 4 display

Max out on productivity

Reports, documents and presentations look exceptionally good on Mi Max. Edit content directly on your
phone and maximize your efficiency when out of the office.

  • 16.4cm (6.44) Mi Max display
  • 12.6cm (5) Mi 4 display

Max out, more traffic at a glance

Navigate and plan routes easily. Clear visibility of your phone is fundamental for driving safely; Mi Max
shows you more of the map so you don't have to squint at your phone. The big screen makes searching
for addresses more convenient.

  • 16.4cm (6.44) Mi Max display
  • 12.6cm (5) Mi 4 display

Large display with
a surprising lightness

7.5mm thin, 203g light. Despite having a large 2.5D
curved display and metal body, Mi Max is extremely thin,
light, and fits perfectly in one hand.

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Power to the max
large 4850mAh battery

Mi Max houses our biggest battery yet, a massive 4850mAh to keep you powered throughout the day. While typical smartphones can manage 7 to 10 hours of video playback, Mi Max can last 14 hours on average. What better way to binge watch your favourite TV shows?

Watch battery test video

Massive storage
Up to 128GB microSD support

Load up on your favorite shows wherever you go. The 3-choose-2 hybrid SIM slot supports up to 128GB microSD storage.

Performs to the max

Not only does Mi Max have a large display, it's also a high-performance phone. Features a Snapdragon
652 / 650 processor, 16MP PDAF camera and fingerprint recognition. It's a phone that's big on

Snapdragon 652 / 650
High performance processor
16MP camera
Ultra-fast PDAF focusing
Full LTE support
Supports all India LTE bands
Fingerprint recognition
Higher security, faster unlocking
Infrared remote
Control TVs, air conditioners, and more
4G Dual SIM
Both SIM slots support 4G networks

MIUI 8, coming soon to Mi Max

Inspired by the swirling colors of the kaleidoscope, MIUI is beautiful, user-friendly and
more efficient than ever. Take scrolling screenshots, calculate currency conversions,
create dual app log-ins, or access split phone profiles. There's so much new in MIUI 8,
coming soon to over 200 million active users worldwide.

Page notes:
4850mAh refers to typical power capacity; 14-hour video playback based on internal lab results, actual usage may vary. 7.5mm thickness and other dimensions obtained from internal lab calculations unless otherwise stated. 200 million MIUI users as of May 2016, figure is subject to change over time. MIUI 8 is still undergoing beta testing and will be released soon. Some functions in the released MIUI version may be upgraded or changed.