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4 high-performance antennas

Supports up to 300Mbps with 802.11n

Forget Wi-Fi deadzones and dropped connections. With its four high-performance antennas, Mi Router 3C boasts of increased operating range and stronger signal. Everyone on the network will enjoy low-latency online gaming, smooth video streaming, and seamless web browsing.

Securely update using dual ROM partition system

Upgrading firmware is safer than you think

Updating firmware has never been safer. Using its dual partition system configured on highspeed 16MB flash storage, Mi Router 3C receives the latest firmware updates on schedule - even if unexpected power outage occurs.

Experience blazing fast wireless speeds

Third party applications and connected devices consume valuable router RAM.
This is why Mi Router 3C comes with 64MB of RAM - eight times more than typical routers.
Mi Router 3C ensures smooth online gaming and browsing experiences.

Mi Wi-Fi app puts you in command of your network.
Anywhere, anytime.

View and manage settings remotely

Whether is blacklisting unwanted internet activity or setting time limits on child
internet usage, you can do it all right from your phone.

*Refer to the official Mi Router 3C user guide for more information

Manage your network. Anywhere

Mi Wi-Fi app is a network management tool that lets you remotely monitor and manage your home wi-fi.
You can filter unwanted content using parental controls, prioritize application bandwidth through Quality of Service (QoS), and enjoy faster network speeds with Wi-Fi boost.

  • Parental controls
    Parental controls let you manage what your children can and can't see,
    even when you aren't home.
  • Quality of
    service (QoS)
    Boost bandwidth for specific activities using Quality of Service (QoS). Mi Wi-Fi app allows you to prioritise and optimise bandwidth for latency sensitive applications such as online gaming and video streaming.
  • Wi-Fi
    With just a tap, boost Wi-Fi speed and reduce bandwidth bottlenecks through cutting edge technology.