• 1. What does Athleisure mean?

    A style of fashion accessories like shoes or clothes that is worn not only for fitness activities but also suitable for casual, everyday wear.
  • 2. What is Eva Sole? How comfortable is the material in Mi Athleisure Shoes?

    EVA stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. Known for its softness and flexibility, is the perfect material for your daily activities such as home fitness, cycling, jogging or even for casual outing.
    Here are five reasons we choose to use EVA sole in Mi Athleisure Shoes:

    More Flexibility- EVA sole used in Mi Athleisure shoes is softer than rubber sole, which means you get a lot of flexibility.

    Lighter- EVA sole is much lighter than rubber sole, so this shoes just moulds around your leg without any additional weight.

    Keeps you Warmer- EVA doesn’t conduct as much heat, which means your feet will stay warmer for longer.

    Shock Absorption- Our EVA sole absorbs more of the step impact enabling you for more comfortable walk or run.
  • 3. What is the upper material of Mi Athleisure shoes is made up of?

    The upper of Mi Athleisure Shoes is made up of Polyester/Mesh material that is sand witch in a unique honeycomb structure for optimum air circulation to keep your feet ventilated.
  • 4. How do I measure my foot length for Mi Athleisure Shoes?

    a. Tape a piece of paper down to the floor
    b. Place your foot firmly on top of the piece of paper.
    c. Draw the outline of your foot all the way around.
    d. Mark the length and width of your foot on the paper.
    e. Measure the length of your foot.
  • 5. Is Mi Athleisure shoes washable?

    Yes, but wash Mi Athleisure Shoes gently with warm water. Make sure not to wring the shoes.
  • 6. How do I keep my Mi Athleisure shoes clean?

    Use a piece of cloth or a soft brush to clean away any dust, mud. Stuff the insides with cloth or newspapers prior to brushing to keep dirt from seeping into interior of Mi Athleisure Shoes.
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