Redmi Buds 4 FAQ


Redmi Buds 4 FAQ

1.Q:What are the characteristics of Redmi Buds 4?
A: It has the following characteristics
1. Up to 35dB hybrid active noise cancellationEffectively isolate excess outside noise
2.MIUI Pop-up for Quick Pairing:Using MIUI with more Settings (partially supported) toggle close,noise Cancellation Mode/Transparency Mode.
3.Fast charge:Support for wired charging. Get up to 1 hour of music playback from 5 minutes of charging
4.AI noise reduction:Make high-quality phone calls without missing a single word.
5. 10mm dynamic driver:Pleasant to listen to vivid vocie and instrumental sound.
6.Up to 30 hours long battery life with case:Enjoy up to 6 hours of battery life on a single charge and up to 30 hours* of battery life when paired with a charging case.

2.Q: What is the Bluetooth version of Redmi Buds 4?
A: 5.2

3.Q:How long is Redmi Buds 4 battery life?
A:Up to 6 hours battery life per charge. Up to 30 hours extra-long battery life with case.(noise cancellation off).

4.Q: What is the difference between Redmi Buds 4 and Redmi Buds 4 Pro?
A: The main differences are as follows.
1. The noise cancellation depth is different. The Redmi Buds 4 is 35dB, while the Redmi Buds 4 Pro is 43dB.
2. The dynamic driver units are different. Redmi Buds 4 uses 10mm dynamic driver, while Redmi Buds 4 Pro is Dual Dynamic Drivers.
3.Redmi Buds 4 Pro supports Hi-Res Audio Wireless, Redmi Buds 4 does not.
4. Different battery life. The ReamiBuds4Pro has 36 hours of battery life and the Redmi Buds4 has 30 hours of battery life.
5. The Bluetooth version is different. Redmi Buds 4 Pro is Bluetooth 5.3 and Redmi Buds 4 is Bluetooth 5.2.
6. Different number of microphones. The Redmi Buds 4 Pro has 3 microphones while the Redmi Buds 4 has 2 microphones.
7. The function keys of the charging case are in different positions. The Redmi Buds 4Pro is on the bottom, while the Redmi Buds 4 is on the back.
Note: Both can be noise Cancellation and dual Transparency mode. Both support MIUI pop-up.

1.Q: How to charge Redmi Buds 4? Does it support wireless charging?
A: Earphone charging: Put the earphone into the charging case, and the earphone will automatically enter the charging state.
Charging case: Use a Type-C charging cable. When charging, the white indicator is steady on, and when charging, the white indicator is off.
Wireless charging is not supported.

2.Q: How to distinguish the charging status of Redmi Buds 4? How do I check the battery charge?
A: The charging case has only one LED light, which is located on the front of the charging case. When charging, the white indicator light is on, and when charging, the white indicator light is off.
How to check the remaining power:
1. Check the power of the headset. After the headset is connected to the mobile phone, you can check the power of the headset in the status bar of the mobile phone.
Note: The status bar of the phone only shows the lower charge of the two headphones. Some mobile phones do not support the body to check the electrical capacity.
2. Check the remaining power of the charging box
If the headset has been paired with the device, and the charging case cover is closed, open the charging case cover:
(1) If the white indicator light of the charging box is on for about 7 seconds, it indicates that the battery is sufficient.
If the white indicator of the charging box blinks, it indicates that the power is low and needs to be charged in time.
(3) When the charge of the charging box is very low (5%), the indicator light will not light up/blink when the cover is switched on and off, so only the headset can be switched on and off, and it is necessary to charge in time.
3. Use Xiaomi phone to quickly check battery charge:
After successfully connecting the mobile phone, put the headset in the charging case, close the cover and approach the unlocked Xiaomi mobile phone with Bluetooth function enabled, open the charging case cover, the phone will pop up a dialog box, you can check the charge of the headset and charging case.
Note: To use the quick power check function, you need to update the phone system to the latest stable version, which is only supported by some Xiaomi phones at present.
Note: Open the charging case and the headset will start automatically. When the headset is put back in the charging case and the cover is closed, the headset will be disconnected automatically and enter the sleep state.

3. Q:Redmi Buds 4 How to connect mobile phones and other devices?
A: The connection procedure is as follows.
1. Connect the new device
(1) Put the headset into the charging case, and with the cover open, long press the function button for about 2 seconds. The white indicator of the charging case will blink for 1 minute, during which the headset will wait for connection.
Enable Bluetooth, search and connect Redmi Buds 4. For a connection password, enter 0000.
2. Put the headset into the charging case with quick connection of Xiaomi mobile phone, close the cover and approach the unlocked Xiaomi mobile phone with Bluetooth function enabled, open the charging case cover, and connect the headset according to the instructions on the interface of the mobile phone.
Note: To use the fast connection function, you need to update the mobile phone system to the latest stable version. Only some Xiaomi phones currently support the feature.

4.Q: How to clear the matching record between Redmi Buds 4 and the device?
A: Delete Bluetooth records on mobile phone: phone -> Settings -> Bluetooth ->Redmi Buds 4-> Click -> cancel pairing (take Xiaomi phone as an example);
Note: If the phone has logged in to the Xiaomi account, canceling the headset pairing record will also delete other devices connected to the headset under the account.
Note: Due to the connection characteristics of Bluetooth signal, intermittent disconnection or silence may occasionally occur in places with strong interference of electromagnetic signals such as wifi, airports, railway stations, microwave ovens, subways, traffic lights and so on.

5.Q: Does it support finding Redmi Buds 4?
A:You can find your earphones via sound on Xiaomi Earbuds app. The earbuds do not support this function when placed in the charging case. According to Xiaomi internal lab data, when searching for your earbuds through via sound within a close range, the distance between the phone and the earbuds should be within 10 meters in a quiet, accessible environment. The earbuds and phone should be connected via Bluetooth. Actual distances may vary depending on environmental conditions.

6.Q: Do Redmi Buds 4 support smart scene?
A: No.

7.Q: Do Redmi Buds 4 support the function of voice hot words?
A: No.

8.Q: Can Redmi Buds 4 be used as two single earphones by connecting the left and right earphones with one mobile phone and other devices?
A: No.

9.Q: Will Redmi Buds 4 play the contact name when the phone calls?
A: Redmi Buds 4 will only ring when A call comes in. It does not support playing contact name or phone number.

10.Q: Two Redmi Buds 4, lost/damaged left earphone and right earphone respectively, can the remaining right earphone and left earphone be recombined for use?
A: yes. Put the left and right earphones of Redmi Buds 4 into the charging case and hold the function button for 10s to restore factory Settings. The earphones will be automatically combined.

11.Q: Do Redmi Buds 4 adopt dual-device Connection?
A: yes.

12.Q: Will Redmi Buds4 automatically shut down if not connected for a long time?
A: If the headset is outside the box and not connected to the device, it will automatically shut down after one hour. When the Bluetooth is turned off or the headset is beyond the connection range, the headset will automatically enter the waiting state: if it is not connected to any device within 10 minutes, the headset will enter the resting state, and the headset will be woken up within 1 hour when it is newly worn, and the device will enter the state of connecting back to the device and waiting for connection. If the device is not connected to any device after 10 minutes, the device will automatically shut down after one hour.
Note: Put the earphone into the box, the earphone will charge automatically; When the headset is fully charged, the headset will turn off.
When the charge of the charging box is 5%, the earphone will be shut down immediately after the earphone is put into the box and closed.

13.Q: Why did the music not play automatically when Redmi Buds 4 was removed and then worn?
A: If the music is playing before you remove the earphone, the music will be automatically paused for 2 minutes before you wear it. If the music is longer than 2 minutes, the music will not continue. Please continue to play on the earphone or mobile phone. If you pause the music manually before removing the headphones, the music will not play automatically when you wear it again.

14. Q:Does Redmi Buds 4 support MIUI Pop Up?
A:Recmi Buds 4 support MIUI Pop up, which will update the mobile phone system to the latest version of MIUI, and also support popover function when connected with some computers.
1. How to use:
All you need to do for pairing up is to open the charging case near the smartphone and tap on the screen once the pop-up window appears. The earbuds can be paired with a variety of Xiaomi/Redmi products such as smartphones and laptops.
2.Only Xiaomi, Redmi devices with the latest MIUI versions support MIUI Pop-up for Quick Pairing. Compatible models: Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5GXiaomi 12Xiaomi 12 ProMi 10T LiteMi 11Mi 11 UltraPOCO F3POCO F4 GT

15.Q: How to use Redmi Buds4?
Press and hold either earbud
Active noise cancellation mode/transparency mode

Tap either earbud twice
Music play/pause
Answer a call

Tap either earbud three times
Skip to next track
Reject/end a call

16.Q: Why is the actual battery life of the headset shorter than advertised?
A: The battery life is strongly related to the usage habits. The battery life data in the propaganda all correspond to specific scenes (such as noise reduction on/off, music format, etc.).
According to the Xiaomi experimental rate test, it is normal that there will be some difference due to signal interference and electromagnetic machine in the actual environment.

17.Q:What is the water and Dust-resistance of Redmi Buds 4?
A:IP54 water and dust-resistance
Expertly engineered for IP54 protection level. Whether you're working out in the gym or travelling far, you can take them anywhere with peace of mind.

18.Q: Which App is Redmi Buds 4 connected with and function introduction?
A:Xiaomi Earbuds App
*Xiaomi Earbuds app is available for download on Google Play store. Xiaomi Earbuds app is not available for iOS devices.
Download the Xiaomi Earbuds App to adjust noise cancellation and touch control on your Redmi Buds 4 wireless earbuds. You're in control — adjust settings for optimal audio and install online firmware upgrades.
In-ear detection*
Music pauses when you take out your earbuds,
then seamlessly restarts when you put them back in*.
Find your earphones*
Within the Bluetooth connection range, you can use the Xiaomi Earbuds App to locate your earbuds by playing a sound through either one
One-touch reset
Reset your earbuds hassle-free.

1.Q: Redmi Buds 4 Noise Cancellation effect is bad?
A: Please refer to the following.
① First of all, it is necessary to select the appropriate earplug according to the ear shape. The actual noise cancellation effect is different due to the ear size, selected ear case, ear canal structure, wearing position, movement, etc.
2. The active Noise Cancellation function of earphones can work properly only if the earphones are worn. Please enable the active Noise Cancellation function after the left and right earphones are worn. In addition, you can switch down operation mode according to different scenarios (such as light mode, balance mode, deep mode).

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