Mi Air Purifier

High-performance smart air purifier,
10,000 liters of clean air per minute


How do you send clean air
to every corner of the room?

Air enters through 5,732 tiny inlets

Filters air pollutants from every direction

The purification process begins with 5,732 tiny inlets on three sides to catch pollutants from all angles.
This ensures maximum air intake while maintaining a sleek, elegant profile.

360° cylinder with a triple filtration system

We use the same suppliers as the top three US air purifier manufacturers to produce the 360° cylindrical filter, which allows for maximum air intake. The cylindrical triple-layer filtration combines a PET pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter to eliminate up to 99.3% of all PM0.3 particles and 99.99% of all PM2.5 particles.

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  • 100%Dust, hair and
    other large particles
  • 99.3%PM0.3 particles
    (1/8 the size of PM2.5)
  • 91%Formaldehyde and
    other harmful substances
  • PET pre-filter

    Filters larger particles such
    as dust and hair

  • Toray HEPA filter

    Ultra-dense H11 HEPA filter eliminates
    up to 99.3% of all inhalable particles at
    PM0.3 or above

  • Coconut activated carbon filter

    Eliminates formaldehyde, benzene,
    other harmful substances and odors

Higher air intake with a backward inclined turbine fan

Backward inclined for higher air intake, the turbine fan draws air past the cylindrical filter and through the duct. It's small, yet provides clean air to cover every inch of the room. The power efficient brushless DC motor consumes only 75W at maximum power.

  • Backward inclined
    turbine fan

    Backward inclined fans deliver more air than traditional forward inclined ones of the same size.

  • Smart brushless DC motor

    Custom-made by leading Japanese manufacturer Nidec, the built-in driver circuit of the brushless DC motor delivers seamless speed control and has twice the lifespan of comparable models.

4 independent air ducts for large indoor circulation

The aerodynamic air ducts are made of quality plastic that gradually taper off to increase outflow speed for better indoor circulation.
This design allows for smoother air flow and reduces noise.

  • Super quiet

    The streamlined, aerodynamic air-duct design allows smooth air flow and reduces noise.

  • Separate motor

    The air duct is separated from the motor, effectively reducing wear and tear.

  • Minimal wind
    energy loss

    Air ducts are aligned with the air flow direction to minimize wind energy loss.

  • Aerodynamic circulation

    Tapered air ducts for faster air flow

Unique 9-blade fan, sends air through the roof

Most air purifiers use only one fan for intake and output. This reduces flow speed after air passes through the filters and air ducts. Instead, Mi Air Purifier uses an independent blower to boost air speed and has a 9-blade fan for even and consistent output.

  • Typical axial flow fan

    Few blades, unsophisticated design,
    uneven output

  • Mi Air Purifier's axial flow fan

    Unique dual layer 9-blade design,
    even and steady output

Every way the wind blows

Blows purified air through the roof, flowing outwards in a 360° motion before getting drawn back through the bottom by a powerful turbine fan. Fully purifies after several cycles. Feel the air flow with a powerful CADR of up to 406m³/h.

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  • 406m³/hCADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)
  • 48Effective coverage
  • 12min/cycleFastest cleaning speed
  • 99.3%PM0.3 filtration rate

Smarter than most

Mi Air Purifier connects to your phone using a built-in Wi-Fi module. This allows you to monitor home air quality in real time from anywhere and remotely control it via the Mi Home app. Available for download on both Android and iOS.

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