Works hard, works smart

Monitor your home air quality in real time from absolutely anywhere when you sync with the Mi Home app on your phone. Control Mi Air Purifier remotely and watch how air is being purified. The app even displays outside air quality and tells you when it's safe to switch Mi off and open your windows.

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Come home to clean air

Switch on Mi Air Purifier remotely when you're travelling home

Do more with smartphone remote controls. Switch Mi Air Purifier on when travelling back from work and walk into a home filled with pure, clean air. Don't leave the bed at night to switch to Night mode. With smartphone remote controls, everything you need is right at your fingertips.

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  • Night mode
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Keep a close watch

We can't see air, but Mi Air Purifier’s built-in sensor module can show you a visual representation of the current particle content in your home - wherever you are. Mi Home app also displays street air quality so you can compare it with your home air quality.

Excellent air quality Filter remaining usage 98%

Reminds you to change filters

Having clean air shouldn't be difficult and neither should replacing your filter. Most air purifiers indicate that a filter needs changing with a notification light, which can be confusing. Mi Air Purifier sends you reminder notifications via the app so you know exactly when the filter needs to be changed. View remaining filter usage easily and order a replacement ahead of time!

Only let in fresh air

Lets you know when to leave the windows open or shut

Deciding whether to leave the windows open? Mi Air Purifier analyzes street air quality data and provides recommendations. On days with heavy smog, it reminds you to switch on the air purifier. On clear days, it tells you it's safe to open the windows and let fresh air in.

Timing is everything

Use timer settings to wake or sleep

You don't have to worry about Mi Air Purifier. Use the timer to set the air purifier on standby when you're at work, and turn it back on automatically when you come back home.

Constant monitoring

24/7 air quality monitoring, even on standby

Save on power. In standby detection mode, Mi Air Purifier continues to monitor room air quality while consuming minimal power. It will send prompts for further action if air quality deteriorates.

Knows when something is amiss

Air quality not improving even with time? Mi Air Purifier can detect the source of the problem on its own. Whether it's an open window, a sensor that needs cleaning, a loose filter element or a fan that's stuck, Mi Air Purifier will automatically detect the problem and notify you through your phone.