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The beauty of aerodynamics Air flow optimization at its best

5732 inlets for
larger air intake

Going with the flow

  • Intake grille
    Intake grille
    Slices up airflow as it circulates, allowing it to enter more evenly. The rounded cross-section reduces noise by minimizing air resistance.
  • Axial flow fan
    Axial flow fan
    Vibration-absorbing rubber at the joints and carefully designed fan blades that increase air output.
  • Output grille
    Output grille
    Dense grating slices up airflow, resulting in more even air output. The rounded cross-section reduces noise by minimizing air resistance.

Fast and steady

Four independent ducts to clear the air

Safety comes first

Keeping things subtle

Occupies an area equivalent
to the size of an A4 paper

A touch of color

Sourced from the same world-class suppliers
used by Canon, Epson and Brother

  • 三星
    Industry leader in electronics
  • 夏普
    Particle sensor
    Ultra-sensitive dust sensor
  • Honeywell
    Industry leader in automatic control
    development and manufacturing
  • JST
    Japan's top manufacturer of
    compression terminals
  • 日电产
    Brushless DC motor
    Market leader in brushless DC motors
  • Volex
    Power cord
    Supplier for Apple Inc.
  • 诺克科技
    Supplier for Apple Inc.
    Power switch
    Supplier for Panasonic and Sony