10000mAh Mi Power Bank 3 Ultra Compact

    Mi Power Bank 3Ultra Compact
    Travel light with a small power bankCompact / Portable | High-quality / Long-lasting Battery Cell | USB-C Two-way Fast Charging
    Suitable for air travel*
    10000 mAh high capacity, ultra-compact
    USB-A/USB-C for an output of up to 22.5 W
    Simultaneous charging for smartphones, tablets and the Switch
    Fully charged in 3.5 hours
    Portable power bank fits right in your pocketThe ultra-compact body weighs approximately 0.44 lb*, fits right in your pocket*.
    10000 mAh high capacity,
    enough to fully charge your smartphone three times*
    Able to provide three full charges for the new iPhone SE2 using a high-quality lithium ion polymer battery.
    Redmi K30
    Mi 10
    Mi 10 Pro
    iPhone SE2
    Able to charge three devices simultaneously Compatible with smartphones, tablets and the SwitchIn addition to the two USB-A output ports, there is also a USB-C output port. The three ports can be used simultaneously to charge three devices at once.
    USB-C two-way fast charging Faster power bank charging experienceFeatures two high-power input ports: USB-C and Micro-USB. The USB-C port supports two-way fast charging and has 22.5 W MAX input capability, greatly reducing the time needed to charge the power bank.
    Power bank charging
    High-quality IC chips for safer, everyday useEmploys high-precision capacitance and inductance sensors, plus advanced circuit chips to effectively upgrade the conversion rate and stabilise the discharging voltage, while simultaneously offering multi-protection for circuits. Guaranteed everyday power supply for users.
    Temperature protection
    Short circuit protection
    Reset protection
    Input overvoltage
    Input overcurrent
    Output overcurrent
    Output overvoltage
    Overcharge and
    Hardware-level overvoltage
    short circuit protection
    Eco-friendly casing*PC + ABS casing for peace of mind
    Hidden keysIngeniously designed with one-piece moulding
    LED indicatorCheck your battery level at a glance
    * Complies with international aviation standards: single portable charging device with a capability of less than 100 Wh, UN38.3 certified. UN38.3 certification issued by Shanghai TECH. Chemical Industry Testing Co., Ltd., Test Report No.: NO.1120060280.*Just 1/3 larger than the standard charger for the Mi Notebook: the dimensions of the 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 3 Ultra Compact are 90×63.9×24.4 mm and the dimensions of the standard charger for the Mi Notebook are 30.8×60×57mm (not including pins), so the 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 3 Ultra Compact is just 1/3 larger than the standard charger for the Mi Notebook.*Fits right in your pocket: the 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 3 Ultra Compact weighs approximately 200 g and has a small body. When not in use it can easily be stored in a pocket. Confined spaces may compromise heat dissipation of the power bank and other devices when in use. Therefore, when charging mobile phones and other devices for extended periods of time, do not put the power bank, mobile phone or other device in your pocket in order to ensure good heat dissipation for your phone and other devices.*Enough to charge a smartphone three times: at a room temperature of 25±2°C, an iPhone SE (A2298) was tested. The fully-charged 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 3 Ultra Compact was able to fully charge an iPhone SE (A2298) in airplane mode with 1% battery approximately 3.1 times.*Fully charged in 3.5 hours: a 24 W or above charger and C to C cable were used for the test. The cable and charger are not included in the package and need to be purchased separately.*Eco-friendly casing: the RoHS environmental protection test was performed by Dongguan EMTEK Technology Co., Ltd., Test Report No.: ED200511006CR001. Unless otherwise noted, all data above are measured values from Zimi laboratories. However, the data may vary subject to objective environmental changes (e.g. device software versions, ambient temperature).