Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain

Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Xiaomi Smart Pet FountainSmart Pet Fountain
24-hour healthy water housekeeper for pets
Circulating water spring | 4-stage filtering | Quiet-running | Smart home connection

Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain, winner of the 2020 IF Design Award.
Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Circulating water is the natural choice for pets.
Flowing water represents a clean and reliable source of water to small animals. Chronically drinking insufficient or unclean water can have serious negative effects on kidney and urinary health of pets.
Oxygen-circulating water circuit
Drinking enough water to keep away from diseases
This Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain simulates a mountain stream, using a circular water circuit to offer oxygenated running water that meets the nature of pets and enhances their interest in drinking water.
Oxygen-rich thanks to circulating water circuit
7° incline angle for scientific drinking
Washing hair with a wide water surface
Xiaomi Smart Pet FountainXiaomi Smart Pet FountainXiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Fourfold Deep Filtering
Water that pets love to drink
With the four-stage efficient deep filtering, the fine particles, hair and residual chlorine including Ca and Mg ions that cause kidney stones are effictively intercepted and filtered, ensuring healthy and tasty water that pets love to drink.
Xiaomi Smart Pet FountainXiaomi Smart Pet FountainXiaomi Smart Pet FountainXiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Micropore PP membrane
PET cotton
Active carbon granules
Ion exchange resin
Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Hair and debris
Silt and dirt
Residual chlorine and odours
Ca or Mg ions (easy to cause kidney stone)
*It is recommeded to replace the filter element once a month. Clean the filter with clean water for two minutes before using to remove any activated carbon that may have gotton loose during transportation.
Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Mute system
Quieter water flow for better sleep
The height of the fountain has been repeatedly tested to avoid splashing sounds while attracting the pet. Diversion of the water is designed for slow and quiet flowing, while the overhead pump can reduce resonance. The operating noise is controlled within 30Db*. Three-stage muting creates a quiet environment.
Xiaomi Smart Pet FountainXiaomi Smart Pet FountainXiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Silent fountain outlet with natural height position
Silent water circuit division structure
Silent pump in the air is suspended to reduce noise
Brand-new solution for Smart Pet raising
Remote control of Mi Home App for smart Scene Interaction
Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Remote control of Mi Home App
Timely maintenance reminders
Paired with the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app, it can push reminders to your phone when it is necessary to add water, clean the fountain and replace the filter. Tap the function button or use the app to switch between different modes for daily use.
Normal mode: 24h water dispensing
Smart mode: frequent water dispensing during the day and intermittent water dispensing at night
User-friendly indicator lights for real-time monitoring
The lights provide intuitive and easy-to-understand indications, while the transparent window enables real-time monitoring of water levels. When there is insufficient water, the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app and the red water level indicator on the fountain will remind you to top up the water.
Lift the handle
Automatic power-off for easily adding water
Lift the handle to turn off the fountain automatically for adding or replacing water. The fountain resumes operation when the lid is refitted.
Xiaomi Smart Pet FountainXiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Effectively avoid blockages caused by hair for smoother water dispensing
Accumulated hair may cause blockages in the water pump. The filter has a split design and magnetic levitation fan blades that detach easily for regular cleaning, which effectively ensures high water quality for pets.
Easily detachable magnetic levitation fan blades
Regular cleaning ensures water hygiene
*It is recommended to wash and clean the filter assembly and magnetic levitation fan blades of the water pump every week to avoid blockages and proliferation of micro-organisms.
Xiaomi Smart Pet FountainXiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Simplified design, separated power and water circuits
Simple, worry-free cleaning
The power circuitry is hidden and separated from the water circuit, while the bright tank can be cleaned easily and effortlessly. Please see the cleaning tips on the bottom for specific cleaning steps.
Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Made with food contact materials
Guaranteed quality with every sip
The fountain has been tested by an authoritative testing agency, while the water tank and lid conform to requirements for food contact materials*, ensuring clean, high-quality and safe water for pets.
Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
2L volume
Travel easy while your pet's water needs are met
The 2L volume satisfies the water requirement of a grown cat for 4-7 days*, dispensing safe and clean water for your pet, so you can travel with peace of mind on short trips. The lid can also store water, dispensing a small amount of emergency drinking water in the event of a power failure.
Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Careful safety details satisfies diverse needs
Smart power-off to prevent idling, nylon braided power cord, anti-slip mat and mode indicator that can be turned off via the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app.
Smart power-off to prevent idling
Bite-resistant nylon braided power cord
Double-layer mat for better stability and no slipping
Turn off the indicator with one button, for better sleep
Xiaomi Smart Pet FountainXiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Xiaomi Smart Pet FountainXiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Cleaning tips
It is recommended to clean the fountain components at least once a week
01 Remove and clean the lid, carbon filter and filter tray, removing any hair or debris.
02 Remove and clean the water pump filter assembly, water pump filter cover and magnetic levitation fan blades, removing any hair or debris.
03 Clean inside the water tank and dry off the outside of the tank.
04 Use a dry soft cloth to wipe the spring pin of the lid and the conductive column of the base respectively, to keep the spring pin and the conductive column dry and clean.
05 After cleaning, reassemble in reverse order to removal and check whether all components are properly installed.
Xiaomi Smart Pet FountainXiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Xiaomi Smart Pet FountainXiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain
Suitable for: cats and small to medium-sized dogs*
*All data referred to on this page is from the Maomao Gougou Laboratory unless specified otherwise. Testing data may vary depending on environmental changes.
Not recommended for young pets aged under three months or large-sized dogs
*It is recommended to clean the fountain at least once a week (including the water tank, lid, filter tray, water pump and water pump filter sponge) and change all water to prevent sediment build-up in the filter and avoid degrading water quality and flow.
*When cleaning, do not use hot water, especially boiling water.
*Due to high humidity in spring and summer, you should clean your water tank, lid, filter slot, water pump filter songe, water pump and other components at least once a week to prevent mosquito breeding.
*The operating noise of the fountain is less than 30dB; inspection report code: WTS2019-26209. Testing organisation: CVC Certification & Testing Co., Ltd.
*Test data calculated is based on an 5kg adult cat drinking 200ml of water a day, totalling approx. 1400ml in seven days. Actual water requirements may differ due to objective environments, pet breed, age, health status and behavioural habits.
*The fountain is suitable for adult dogs with a shoulder height up to 40cm.
Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain