Xiaomi Focus Pen
Xiaomi Focus Pen
Easy to write and has an added spotlight button

*Xiaomi Focus Pen is compatible with Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro 12.4.
Xiaomi Focus Pen
Xiaomi Focus Pen
Simply pick up the pen to write or add more layers to your artwork
Judges the acceleration of pen lifting, so there's no need to wait for a response—just pick it up and start writing. You can write with 0g activation force.
*Data tested in Xiaomi Internal Laboratory. The 0g activation force only refers to the situation where the angle between the pen body and the display is 90°.
Xiaomi Focus Pen
8192-levels of pressure sensitivity, 3ms of latency
It's easier to change line thickness with strength and feels more natural, so writing and drawing are handy.
*Data tested in Xiaomi Internal Laboratory. *Support for 3ms latency applies to Xiaomi's self-developed apps. Third-party apps support may vary.
Xiaomi Focus PenXiaomi Focus Pen
New multifunctional spotlight button
Spotlight button
Press and hold for a few seconds to turn the pen into a virtual laser pointer for even clearer meeting presentations.
After clicking to bring up the brush icon, long press to circle and annotate. Double-click to immediately clear the screen.
Remote shutter
Click to take photos and start/stop recording.
*Only available in the Camera App.
Xiaomi Focus Pen
Multifunctional main and secondary buttons allow you to complete tedious operations with one hand.
Xiaomi Focus Pen
Writing button
Press and hold the writing button and touch the screen to open Mi Canvas. Click the writing button to switch between various brushes.
Xiaomi Focus Pen
Screenshot button
Press and hold the screenshot button and tap the screen to take quick global or local screenshots. Click the screenshot button in Mi Canvas to easily switch between frequently-used colors*.
*This function is only available in Mi Canvas.
Xiaomi Focus Pen
Premium design for a high-end feel in your hand
The black and gold color design showcases luxurious quality. And the antibacterial material means you can hold the pen for a long time without worrying about bacterial growth.