Xiaomi Book S Keyboard
Xiaomi Book S KeyboardKeyboard

Xiaomi Book S Keyboard
Xiaomi Book S Keyboard
Transforms your XiaomiBook S 12.4" into a full laptop experience with just a simple click.
The keyboard connects magnetically to your tablet using the Pogo Pin connector, providing a stable support that is convenient and easy to use.
Xiaomi Book S Keyboard
Lightweight and convenient, for reliable support
Weighing just 317g, it has an integrated design that ensures easy storage and convenient portability. The carefully selected faux leather material is wear and scratch resistant, while the folding stand provides support and consistent comfort at different angles.
Xiaomi Book S Keyboard
Full size keyboard, large trackpad. Typing has never been so satisfying
The full size keyboard with large key spacing reduces mistyping, suits extended use and offers greater functionality for text editing. The large trackpad combined with Windows 11 supports operation with various gestures, while the keyboard has soft backlighting to facilitate working at night.
Key curvature
Xiaomi Book S Keyboard
Large key width
Xiaomi Book S Keyboard
Keycap Height
* The keyboard is 286mm wide and 205mm high
Fast and convenient dual-use stand
Work modeThe keyboard combines seamlessly with Windows 11 and Office, so you can get things done more flexibly and efficiently.
Entertainment modeUnfold the stand, play a film and enjoy a totally new entertainment experience.
Xiaomi Book S Keyboard
*The data on the above page is derived from the internal Xiaomi Laboratory and was obtained in specific test environments. Actual use may vary slightly depending on differences between individual products, the software version, the conditions of use and environmental factors.
* The actual key layout of the keyboard depends on the country of purchase. The keyboard is not included with XiaomiBook S 12.4", and must be purchased separately.
* The layout and printing of XiaomiBook S 12.4" Keyboard may vary according to local custom and language, please refer to the actual product.