Redmi Pad Pro Keyboard

Redmi Pad Pro Keyboard Explore more options in a more efficient life experience.

Redmi's first Bluetooth keyboard for tablets
Smooth and easy typing experience makes creativity a breeze
The sleek and luxurious Black PU material with a sophisticated textured design is minimalist, elegant and skin-friendly. The keyboard is durable and resistant to dirt, designed to resist fingerprints and oil stains. It is also equipped with a detachable pen holder at the top for easy storage.
Keyboard layout
Shortcut key combo
Detachable pen holders
Ultra-long standby
Redmi Pad Pro Keyboard
*64 keys for US version and 65 keys for UK version
Redmi Pad Pro Keyboard
Large keys and wide key spacing Instantly provide PC-level productivity
Standard key layout with common keys ready within reach. Large keys and a wide key spacing reduce typos. The 1.3mm key travel and optimal bounce-back speed provide uncompromised typing experience.
Long key travel
16 x 16mm
Large keys
Wide key spacing
Redmi Pad Pro Keyboard
Multiple shortcut keys lead to faster creation
Supports a wide range of shortcut key combinations for quick and efficient access to frequently used features, allowing you to do everyday tasks, such as exiting full-screen mode on your presentation or adjusting screen brightness, without lifting a finger.
Redmi Pad Pro Keyboard
Redmi Pad Pro Keyboard
760h ultra-long standby
With a powerful 210mAh (typ) battery, the keyboard supports up to 59 hours of continuous use without anxiety about power levels or the need for frequent recharging.
210mAh (typ)
Large battery volume
Continuous use
Ultra-long standby
Redmi Pad Pro Keyboard
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