Mi True Wireless earphones2

Music without limits
  • Superior sound with punchy bass
  • Quick and automatic pop-up pairing*
  • Environment noise cancellation for crystal clear calls
  • In-ear detection powered by built-in optical sensors
  • Double-tap to access music, call, or voice assistant

Superior sound with punchy bass
Restore sound details

Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 feature a 14.2 mm large speaker with a large composite dynamic coil. The bass is full and deep, the mid-range is soft and natural, while the high-frequency sounds are bright and clear.
Clearer sound and exquisite, full detail. Restoring sound details brings you a more pleasant sound experience.

Quick and automatic pop-up pairing*

Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 are customized with MIUI. After the first connection,
when you open the charging case, a pop-up window will automatically open for Bluetooth pairing.
Connecting is easier and you can check the headset and charging case power.
Fast, automatic pairing, no waiting time required.
*This feature works on Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Mi 9T, Mi 9 SE, Mi MIX 3, Mi MIX 2S, Mi Max 3, Redmi Note 9S, and more with the latest MIUI Global version installed. More models will be supported via software updates.

Environment noise cancellation for crystal clear calls
No need to worry about interference

The dual-microphone employs integrated environmental noise reduction technology,
which will also ensure high-definition voice recognition and call quality.

LHDC Bluetooth high definition tone

LHDC Bluetooth high definition tone technology achieves near perfect sound performance and quality.

LHDC Bluetooth codec

In-ear detection powered by built-in optical sensors
Take off and pause

The built-in infrared sensor can detect whether you're wearing the earphones in real time.
It senses when you put them in, and playback will automatically pause when they’re removed.
Whether you're watching a movie or listening to music, you won't miss a single frame or note.

Double-tap to access music, call, or voice assistant

Tap the earphones to control the music, call, activate voice assistant, etc. They can be operated easily without a mobile phone.
  • Incoming call/hang up Tap earphones on either side twice
  • Wake voice assistant Tap earphones on left side twice
  • Play in both ears/pause Tap earphones on right side twice
  • Play in single ear/pause Tap the earphone twice
  • Pause music Take off one earphone

Fast charge, long battery life*

The earphone set is automatically charged in the charging case. Both the set and the storage case support fast charging, which will ensure a full charge within one hour. Playback lasts about four hours. When used with a charging case, the overall battery life can go up to 14 hours. Long battery life allows your music to stay with you for longer.
  • 1h

    fully charged

  • 4h

    single use

  • 14h

    music playback

Bluetooth 5.0* microchip
Steady flow

With the Bluetooth 5.0* microchip, you will obtain a more stable wireless connection,
faster transmission speeds, and stronger compatibility, bringing you high-quality audio and a clearer call experience.

Half in-ear design
Comfortable to wear

The half in-ear design fits the ear canal better for more comfort and stability.
Pause your music to communicate with people around you, without needing
to remove the earphones.
A single earphone weighs only 4.5 g and is compact and lightweight,
making it easier and more comfortable to wear.

Truly wireless, unlimited freedom

Employs a split-type wireless design and connects the left and right ears for wireless stereo sound. Don't be restricted, one or both earphones can be used and they are interchangeable to meet different needs.
*LHDC format is only supported on specific smartphone models.
*The first connection needs to be completed manually in your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings. The device's Bluetooth function should be turned on as normal in order to establish an automatic connection.
*The following phone models with the latest MIUI system support pop-up pairing:
Mi 9, Mi 9 Pro 5 GB, Mi 8, Mi MIX 3, Mi MIX 2S, Mi 9T, Mi 9T Pro (other new models will be supported after the MIUI update).
*Earphone endurance test conditions: Earphone is fully charged, volume is turned up to 100% (smartphone), use time can reach 4 hours. When the earphones and charging pack are fully charged, music can be played continuously for about 14 hours. Specific use times may vary depending on the conditions of use.
*To protect your hearing, it is recommended to take off your earphones every 30 minutes or so to allow your ears to rest.
*Source of battery life endurance data:Shenzhen MORLAB Communications Technology Co., Ltd. Report no.: SZ19070223A01.
*Due to the nature of Bluetooth earphones, electromagnetic interference in the area may interrupt the connection. Due to the nature of wireless technology, audio and video signals may be delayed or slow down when the device performs display functions and emits Bluetooth audio signals.
*When charging, make sure the charging port is free of any moisture or foreign substances.