Meet Mi A2, our latest addition to the Android One lineup.
We've partnered with Google to bring you a smart, secure, and simply amazing experience with the latest innovations from Google.

Effortlessly search and
share memories

With Google Photos, all your photos are already organised and easy to find.
Find photos by the people*, places and things in them.
Simply search "People" to find related photos.
You can also label the people that matter to quickly find their photos, like
“John and me in London” or “Mom on the beach”.

*Not available in all countries

Storage stress solved

With a small, curated set of pre-loaded apps, Android One
gives you more storage to use however you want. And for
all your memories, you automatically get unlimited
high-quality photo storage for free from Google Photos.

*Free storage at high quality requires Google account and internet connection.

Explore your photos like never before

With Google Lens, you can search what's in a shot to learn more or
take action. It’s easy to get answers, look up information, or copy
and paste text, all right from a photo.

Get things done with help
from your Google Assistant

Android One phones make it easy for you to get things done on-the-go
with help from your Google Assistant - using just your voice. Just say
"Ok Google" to get started.

Your phone, fortified

With monthly security updates and Google Play Protect built in, Android One devices are among the most secure. Google Play Protect actively scans and verifies over 50 billion apps per day, and uses Google’s machine learning to dynamically detect viruses and malware.

Simple and streamlined

Android One phones run on software that Google designed from the ground up to be effortless and intuitive. It's easy to navigate and a cinch to customise right out of the box.

* Google, Android One, Google Photos, Google Play Protect and Google Lens are trademarks of Google LLC