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Shipping Faq

Q: WHICH AREA IN SINGAPORE DO YOU SHIP TO? A: Package will be delivered to address indicated in Singapore, including Sentosa and Jurong Island.
Q:WHAT ARE YOUR DELIVERY HOURS? A:Package will be delivered between 09:00- 18:00 on business days. There may be no deliveries available on weekend or public holidays.
Q: HOW LONG BEFORE I RECEIVE MY XIAOMI ORDER? A: Xiaomi makes every effort to deliver your order out of warehouse within 5-7 working days from placing the order and finishing payment online. Xiaomi is not liable in respect of any shipping delays, nor of loss of any kind caused as a direct or indirect consequence due to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances, such as: recipient was unavailable or un-contactable; incorrectly addressed orders; weather conditions and so on. In these situations Xiaomi will try the best to notify customer of the delay, and as feasible, make new delivery/collection arrangements with estimated delivery date.
Q: DO YOU OFFER FREE SHIPPING? A: Yes we do. All orders above S$50 automatically enjoy free delivery, while smaller orders incur a delivery fee of S$3.99 for SMS Mail.
Q: HOW CAN I TRACK MY ORDER? A: Please track your order through or directly through our delivery agents on their websites with your tracking number.

Q: HOW DO I CONTACT XIAOMI IF I HAVE ANY QUESTIONS? A: There are several ways to reach Xiaomi Customer Support. Kindly refer to the information below:
Phone +65 6761 6088.