Xiaomi Robot Vacuum S10 Plus

Item Dimensions350×350×97 mm
Rated Power55 W
Charging TimeApprox. 6 hours
Net Weight (with Accessories)4.4 kg
Net Weight (Robot Vacuum)3.8 kg
Battery4800 mAh (Rated Capacity)
5200 mAh ( Nominal Capacity )
Rated Voltage14.4 V⎓
Charging Base Specifications
Item Dimensions130×126×93 mm
Rated Input100-240 V~50/60 Hz 0.5 A
Rated Output19.8 V⎓1 A
Package contents
Robot Vacuum×1
Brush Cover×1
Dust Compartment×1
Water Tank×1
Side Brush×1
Cleaning Tool×1
Power Cord×1
Mop Pad × 2 (Pre-installed)
Mop Pad Holder×2
Charging Dock×1
Drop sensor
Used to detect steps and drops
Robot will back up when the sensor detects a drop in height against typical media of approximately 85mm (white) or 15mm (black)
Ultrasonic sensor
Used to identify carpet material
LDS laser sensor
Used in image formation
Model in use is the D2M, the corresponding measurement distances are White: 0.15–8m and Black: 0.15–4m
Line laser sensor
Used to detect small obstacles
Laser can reach 50–400mm in a straight line
AI Visual identification sensor
Used to detect certain obstacles and furniture.
Extended edge sensor
Used along the wall
IMU Sensor
Robot vacuum motion status detection
Motion can be detected in the following areas:Acceleration ranges ±2g/±4g/±8g/±16g,Gyroscope ranges from ±125°/s to ±200°/s
Drive wheel lift sensor
Used to detect if drive wheel is off the ground
Detects if wheels are lifted and triggers the drive wheel to stop if lifted in motion
Air pressure sensor
Test for dust collection capacity and blocked ducts