Mi 37W Dual-Port Car Charger

Mi 37W Dual-Port Car Charger
Dual port for fast charging, making car charging easier
27W single port for fast charging | dual port | multi-layer protection

27W single port MAX chargingTwo smart USB ports. The red USB port can reach 27W MAX, providing 27W charging power for the Mi 9 and Redmi K20 Pro.
37W MAX dual port with high-speed outputThe two USB outlets can quickly charge two devices at the same time. It is compatible with most electronic devices and can reach maximum output of 37W.
Cell phones
Gaming consoles
Multi-layer protection The import master controller chip and multiple circuit protections improve charging performance, as well as better protecting the car and the chargers.
Overcurrent protectionprevents excessive charging current
Short-circuit protectionprotects against short circuit during use
Overvoltage protectionprevents excessive output voltage
Low EMI protectionuses MPS' low EMI technology
Temperature protectionautomatically protects the charger at high temperatures
Moonlight White LED IndicatorThe bright white LED light indicates the location of the port, making it easy to find even at night.
Compatible with mainstream vehicle models
The flexible metal shock design is suitable for cigarette lighter sockets and charging ports in most vehicles.
Sleek, bullet-style body
The high-quality frosted surface makes it more comfortable to hold.
Non-slip shrapnel on both sides
The nickel-plated material and CNC corners add a touch of elegance.
*The above data is provided by the Zimi Laboratory. Actual performance may vary depending on changes to the objective environment