Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock

Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock Automatic Smart Door Lock
High-end and fully automatic, open door with one touch

Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockXiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock*The door lock linkage function needs to be used with a device with a Bluetooth gateway, which needs to be purchased separately.
Fast automatic lock bodyOpening and closing the door is fast, worry-free and safe
Multidimensional semiconductor fingerprintMore accurate sensor and more safety
7 ways to unlockConvenient for the elderly and children and suitable for different scenarios
Straight lock cylinder*High industry standards, secure and unbreakable
5 major malfunction alarmsReal-time monitoring of door lock status and timely alarm in case of abnormality
10 Safety FeaturesAll-round safety features: Little Black Box-proof and electronic double lock
Multi-scenario smart link*Lights come on when door opens and door is armed with one touch when closed
Integrated smart doorbellIt's a door lock and a doorbell, with remote notification of visitors
*A Bluetooth gateway should be connected to link smart devices in order to enable functions such as turning on lights when the door opens. The other linkage devices are to be purchased separately
Fully automatic, faster, quieter and more reassuring
Automatic opening with one touchThe lock latch retracts automatically after fingerprint verification,saving one more step when opening the doorAutomatic locking when door closesAutomatic locking within 0.8 seconds after closing the door*,giving you peace of mind when you're outDoor opens and closes more quietlyCome home late at night without disturbing other family members
Fully automatic power systemDoor opens instantly after unlocking, fast and convenientEquipped with an innovative linear power system composed of linear driving force, planetary gear reduction, micro motor power, state sensor and other components.The lock latch is linearly driven by low current, which makes the automatic expansion and contraction of the lock latch more stable, faster and quieter.
Fully automatic lock bodyOpening a new era of high-end smart door locksFrom manually pressing the handle to unlock the door, lifting the handle to lock the door, to automatically retracting the latch to unlock the door andautomatically extending the lock latch to lock by closing the door, the operating experience has been comprehensively upgraded. Opening and closing the door lock is simple, convenient and fast, enabling you to experience the new generation of smart technology.
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockManualDual fast horizontal handlesLift up the handle to lockPress down the handle to unlock
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockSemi-automaticMechanical automatic spring push-pullAutomatically lockManual unlock
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockAutomaticAutomatic lock body push-pullFast automatic lockingFast automatic unlocking
Seven ways to unlock, suitable for the whole family
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockUnlock with fingerprint
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockUnlock with password
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockTemporary password
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockUnlock with emergency key
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockUnlock with phone's Bluetooth
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockUnlock with HomeKit
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockUnlock with NFC
New generation multidimensional fingerprint recognitionAccurate, fast and safeMultidimensional fingerprint sensor technology* is used to realise multidimensional fingerprint sensing in combination with multidimensional information such as fingerprint, skin and conductivity, for higher security and faster door opening. The fingerprint identification rate is 98.94%*.
20-digit scrambled PIN code to prevent snooping, ensures that door can be opened safely in multiple scenariosLong-term valid password* Support multiple uses, up to 50 setsOne-time temporary password* No need to worry about sudden visitorsPeriodic temporary password* For periodic visitors such as babysitters and cleanersScrambled PIN code: You can enter a scrambled PIN code of up to 20 digits. As long as it contains the correct password of 6 consecutive numbers, you can open the door and prevent onlookers from snooping.Long-term valid password and periodic temporary password: Can only be generated when a mobile phone is locally connected with the door lock through Bluetooth. One-time temporary passwords can be generated remotely.
Support NFC unlocking, instant unlocking after sensing once
*Devices that support NFC unlocking: Xiaomi NFC Card, Aqara Smart Door Lock NFC Card.
Voice unlocking with one sentence: "Hi, Siri, unlock the door"After Apple HomeKit is authorised via the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app, use Apple's Home app or Siri voice control to unlock* when a guest comes to visit while you are at home. You can unlock it with a voice command, saving the trouble of walking to the door.
Hi, Siri, unlock the door
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock
OK, unlocked
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock
Devices supported: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and so on. The latest version of iOS or iPad OS is recommended.When unlocking with Siri, you need to unlock the iPhone screen first.
10 safety protection features to closely protect your home
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock5 major malfunction alarms
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockOpen door with dual sensor
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockKey cylinder with higher safety level
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockLock body safety upgrade
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockArmed with one touch when you leave your home
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockLittle Black Box-proof*
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockMi Home/Xiaomi Home and Apple dual security chip
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockElectronic double lock
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockEmergency unlock
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door LockChild lock design
*After the child lock mode is activated in the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app, only the emergency knob can be used to open the door from the inside. The double lock function is locked, which can effectively prevent children from opening the door or double locking by mistake.
Door lock status real-time monitoring, 5 timely major abnormality alarmsAlarm for several wrong attemptsFingerprint/password/NFC attempts 5 timesBurglar-proof alarmWhen the door lock is priedAlarm for unlocked doorThe door seems to be closed, but it is actually unlockedAlarm for open doorThe door has been open for a long timeAlarm for low battery levelWhen the battery level is less than 10%
Interior dual sensor unlockingPrevent peephole unlocking and accidental unlocking by petsWhen opening the door from inside, you need to touch the sensor on the inside of the handle and press and hold the unlock button at the same time to unlock the door. 24-hour automatic peephole unlocking prevention to effectively prevent accidental unlocking by pets.
Multiple safety protection features and comprehensive upgrade of lock body safetyThe scissors latch is locked when the door is closed, to effectively prevent unlocking by inserting a card.The integrated precision cast stainless steel main lock latch is stronger and more durable.It only takes 0.8 seconds to pop up the bolt after closing the door, eliminating the hidden danger of being stalked.The lock cylinder is directly inserted through the lock body, so the panel cannot be unlocked even if it is damaged.5 sensors to comprehensively sense door lock status.
Arm with one touch when leaving* to keep your home safeWhen leaving home, close the door and click the arm button on the front panel. That is, activate arm mode, activate camera monitoring, and automatically switch off home appliances.*Arm mode: Automatically switches off appliances, closes curtains to protect privacy, and activates camera monitoring, remote alarm and other functions when you leave home.This function needs to be used with devices with a Bluetooth gateway function, which are to be purchased separately
Smart linkage is operated via app. Enjoy the smart life!
Mi IoT and HomeKit smart linkage are supportedConnected to the Bluetooth gateway, it can interact with a variety of smart devices*, and easily realise smart applications such as turning on the lights when the door is opened, closing the curtains when the door is opened, and automatic voice welcome using Mi Smart Speaker when family members get home, so you can enjoy a convenient and smart life.A Bluetooth gateway should be connected to link smart devices in order to enable functions such as turning on lights when the door opens. Other linkage devices and Bluetooth gateways are to be purchased separately.
Integrated smart doorbell Visitor reminderAfter the lock is connected to the Bluetooth gateway, if visitors arrive, the bell rings locally, and a remote app notification reminder is sent, so you won't miss your visitors.
Visitors have arrived
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock
The remote reminder feature needs to be used with a device with a Bluetooth gateway function, which is to be purchased separately.
Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app one-station managementRemote viewing of reminders*Remotely view reminder and door lock status: The function needs to be used with a device with a Bluetooth gateway function, which is to be purchased separately.
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock
Door lock status viewLock/double lock status, remaining battery level etc.
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock
User managementAdd and delete users, change permission status
Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock
Unlock historyThe operator and time of unlocking can be viewed at any time
12-month ultra-long battery life* Type-C emergency power supplyEight AA batteries can last for 12 months, calculated on the basis of 10 door openings and closings per day. Data from 鹿客实验室.
Comprehensive professional quality control test*, worry-free and more reliable
100,000 times
Fingerprint module durability test
Door opening and closing test
Tolerable temperature test
48 hours
96 hours
Fingerprint module perspiration resistance test
Surface salt spray test
Panel strength test
Minimalist technology design, meticulous polishing of safety and quality
High strength alloy material and precise CNC process
LED indicator Simple fillet design
Pure integrated black panel Electrophoretic spray paint without shedding
Quick self-test to determine whether the installation is supportedYou should determine yourself whether the installation conditions are available1. Lock body (dimensions: 90*177mm; catch dimensions: 24*240mm/30*240mm) replaceable and installable;2. For other lock bodies, please consult local service staff;3. The top and bottom hooks, if any, should be removed;4. The thickness of the door should be in the range of 40–120mm.
The lock cannot be installed in the following conditions:1. It cannot be installed with special doors (iron doors, grated doors, double lock doors, glass anti-theft doors, anti-theft door locks, hidden locks).2. The width of the area for the lock panel is less than 120mm.3. The distance between inner and outer doors is less than 160mm.4. The door seam is less than 1.5mm or more than 8mm.5. The thickness of the door is less than 40mm or more than 120mm.
If it is determined that the lock cannot be installed, please do not place an order for purchase. All expenses incurred due to the inability to install the lock after purchase should be borne by the buyer. If you have any questions, please contact Mi online customer service.
Notes:Locking within 0.8 seconds after closing the door is the time when the main lock latch driven by the motor is completely advanced after the door is closed. This was measured by 鹿客实验室 when the sample was installed on a test rack according to the installation specifications at an ambient temperature of 25°C, using 8 original batteries in combination with the lock body.To link the Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock with other smart products, devices with a Bluetooth gateway should be used. Applications should be configured in the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app. Devices with Bluetooth gateway functions include: Mi Smart LED Ceiling Light, Mi Bedside Lamp, Xiaomi Smart Speaker Xiaoai, Mi Smart Clock etc. And the list is constantly updating.100,000 opening and closing test was carried out by 鹿客实验室. The sample in combination with the lock body was installed on a test rack according to the installation specifications. Through the mechanical simulation of the artificial environment, the door was opened and closed 100,000 times. The function was normal after the test.The data for the fingerprint identification rate is from 鹿客实验室. Test tool: EVK software. Operating environment: Windows Server 2008, Xeon processor, 384GB memory and 8TB hard disk. At normal room temperature (about 26°C), the fingerprint of each finger was collected 50 times for 600 fingers. The self-developed pre-processing algorithm and fingerprint sensing algorithm were used, and the self-developed algorithm was used to run the library software. The true matching in the testing was 30,000 times in total. Self-learning was used and the true fingerprint was rejected 318 times with a false rejection rate of 1.06% and an individual sensing rate of 98.94%.The smart door lock fingerprint sensor supports people between the ages of 7 and 70, so most people can use it. Elderly people and children may have a low fingerprint identification rate and be unable to be recognised due to fingerprint development or serious fingerprint wear. Similar situations are common problems for fingerprint sensors.The 48-hour fingerprint module perspiration resistance test was carried out by 江苏凯尔生物识别技术有限公司实验室. The test method was as follows:Weighed 5g of sodium chloride and 5g of disodium hydrogen phosphate and added to 250ml beaker A;Took 100ml of purified water with a measuring cylinder and poured this into beaker A;Stirred the solution with a glass rod to fully dissolve the solid;Carefully added sodium hydroxide solution drop by drop into the mixed solution with a dropper to make its pH value reach 9.5;Took 50ml of the mixed solution and added into beaker B. The solution in beaker B was the desired alkaline sweat solution;Carefully added glacial acetic acid solution to beaker A to make its pH reach 4.7. The solution in beaker A was the desired acidic sweat solution;The sample was wrapped with a dust-free cloth soaked in the sweat solution. The wrapped sample was transferred into a PE bag, then placed at 45°C and 55% RH for 48 hours. Three samples were tested for acid and alkaline sweat solutions respectively. Note: Before testing, other areas (FPC, BTB etc.) apart from the fingerprint module were wrapped with sealing tape to prevent them from being corroded by sweat. Test results: The appearance, function and performance of the tested samples are normal.The 100,000-time fingerprint module durability test was carried out by 鹿客实验室 with a button service life tester. The module was tested 100,000 times in total, with a frequency of 60 times/minute and pressing force of 3N. After the test, the fingerprint sensor function was normal.The "12-month ultra-long battery life" was measured by 鹿客实验室 with 8 AA original batteries, by simulating opening and closing the door at a rate of 10 times per day, at an ambient temperature of 25°C. The battery life may vary depending on actual operating conditions. Under low temperature conditions, battery performance will be reduced and battery life will be shortened.Unless specified, the data on the website comes from 鹿客实验室 or was collected by 鹿客. Actual performance may vary slightly from the test software version and specific test environment. Please refer to actual usage.Advertisement images are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product.