POCO Watch

Empower your fitness everyday

SpO₂ measurement* and 24-hour heart rate tracking
100+ fitness modes
Multi-system standalone GPS
1.6" AMOLED colourful touch display
5ATM water resistance*
Up to 14 days of battery life*
1.6" AMOLED displayVisually stunningThe large 1.6" AMOLED high-resolution colour display with 2.5D curved glass and an ultra-slim bezel delivers a breathtaking visual experience that lets you see more with greater clarity.
Customisable watch facesMake it yoursEquipped with a wide range of personalised watch faces,* the POCO Watch lets you show off your unique style with every lift of the wrist. You can even customise your own watch faces by uploading photos in the app.
Always-on watch facesSomething out of the ordinaryIn addition to a wide range of personalised watch faces, there are also a number of always-on watch faces to choose from.* See the time, date and other info at a glance, all without manually activating the display.
Three elegant watch coloursStraps with extra popStriking and minimalistic in appearance, the three refreshing colour combinations offer a unique visual experience. The colourful skin-friendly TPU straps also bring you a comfortable wearing experience.
Lightweight designYou'll hardly know it's thereWith its ultra-lightweight design, you'll enjoy greater comfort and freedom of movement during everyday wear. In fact, the POCO Watch is so light you might even forget it's there.31 gTotal weight*
POCO Watch StrapFor added convenienceWe've also added a simple, stylish and better-integrated POCO Watch Strap for an improved fit. Take your pick from two matching colours.*
100+ fitness modesGreater monitoring accuracyBuilt-in sensors and professional movement algorithms give you more than 100 fitness modes* to choose from. Monitor and analyse your favourite fitness activities to help you raise your game.
Outdoor running
Outdoor cycling
Open water
Indoor cycling
Jump rope
Trail run
Multi-system standalone GPSPrecise positioningThe built-in precision GNSS chip supports global satellite positioning via GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou, so you can record and analyse your movements with greater accuracy.
5ATM water resistance*Swim to your heart's contentThe outstanding 5ATM water resistance rating* means you can just wear it to swim, whether you're in open water or an indoor pool!
Professional SpO₂ sensorHelps you keep track of your healthThe POCO Watch is equipped with a professional optical sensor that tracks oxygen levels in your blood. It can also monitor the SpO₂ level over a set time period* as you sleep, helping you understand how your blood oxygen levels change during the night.
24-hour heart rate trackingSee every heart beatAdvanced heart rate sensors and algorithms allow you to keep track of your heart health 24 hours a day, letting you see changes to your heart rate at a glance. The POCO Watch also provides excessive heart rate notifications, so you can keep your heart rate in check in real time.
Your trusty, all-round sleep companionYou can even track your napsThe POCO Watch can record deep sleep, light sleep, REM* stages or the sporadic nap during the day*. Take a scientific approach to your sleeping habits to keep you refreshed and raring to go!
More health-related features
Stress monitoring
Breathing training
Female Health
14-day long battery lifeMagnetic chargingSuper convenient magnetic charging, just touch to charge. What's more, with its low-power chips, upgraded AMOLED display and optimised battery-life algorithms delivering up to two weeks' battery life when fully charged,* you can say goodbye to low battery anxiety.
Notes:* The Blood Oxygen Measurement (SpO₂) feature is not intended for diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, prediction, prognosis of any disease, investigation of physiological processes or any other medical purpose. All data and tracking should be used for well-being and personal reference only. If you feel uncomfortable, please rely on professional medical devices or consult a doctor for assistance.* 5ATM water resistance: POCO Watch has a water resistance rating of 5ATM (50 metres in depth). The rating is based on standard GB/T 30106-2013 and has been tested by the China National Horological Quality Supervision and Testing Centre. It can be worn in the swimming pool, while swimming near the shore, or during other shallow-water activities. However, it cannot be used in hot showers, saunas, or when diving. Furthermore, do not allow the watch to be directly impacted by swift currents during water sports. The level of water resistance is not permanent and may decline over time.* Measurement of the typical usage mode is based on: set to the default settings, heart rate monitoring set to the default 30-minute interval, sleep monitoring on (with advanced monitoring off), stress all-day monitoring on, blood oxygen measured 2 times every day, 24-hour non-stop step tracking on, 50 notifications displayed every day, 2 alarms set every day, raise-to-wake to check the screen 100 times every day, data synced with the phone once every day, 35-min outdoor sports (with GPS on) every week.* The Black, Ivory and Blue watch frame comes with a strap of the corresponding colour. The Olive and Pink straps must be purchased separately.* Specific IP watch faces may be removed in the future if copyright expiration occurs. Please refer to the band faces availability at that time.* Always-on watch faces in the Watch Face Store come in fixed styles. Unconfigured watch faces come with a default always-on style, which cannot be changed. Enabling the always-on watch face feature will result in significantly reduced battery life.* Total weight: Refers to the net weight of the entire watch, including the watch body and strap. The actual weight of individual products may vary slightly.* 100+ fitness modes: includes 17 professional modes and 100 expanded fitness modes. The number of fitness modes varies depending on the software version. Please see the latest software version for details.* Rapid eye movement (REM) monitoring requires high-precision sleep tracking to be enabled in the app. Breakdowns for deep sleep, light sleep and REM phases are not shown for periods of sleep less than 3 hours in length.* Periods of sleep less than 20 minutes in length will not be recorded.* All battery life testing data is derived from 70mai Laboratory. Battery life during actual use depends on various factors such as setup, operation and usage environment, and may differ from laboratory results.* Product images and models, data, functions, performance, specification parameters, user interface and other product information are for reference only. POCO may amend this information. For details, please refer to the product and the product manual. Unless otherwise stated, the data referred to on this website are POCO's internal test results.* All images on this page are for demonstration purposes only and may differ from actual product.