Xiaomi Tv A 43 FhdXiaomi Tv A 43 Fhd
Smart life, limitless vision

Xiaomi Tv A 43 FhdXiaomi Tv A 43 Fhd
Stunning display with incredible picture quality
Vibrant sound with
Dolby Audio™ , DTS-X, DTS-Virtual:X
Sleek metallic frame with bezel-less design
Do more on your TV with your voice.
Xiaomi Tv A 43 Fhd
Bezel-less design
Incredible sense of immersion
Experience limitless visuals and extraordinary screen-to-body ratio with the bezel-less design and get ready to immerse yourself in a pure, uninterrupted viewing experience.
Beautiful craftsmanship
Feel the flawless beauty, premium quality and rich texture brought by its unibody design.
Xiaomi Tv A 43 Fhd
1.07 Billion colors
Open up a splendid vision
The 1080P FHD resolution delivers a crisp visual experience. Combined with the ability to display up to 1.07 billion colors, it restores the magnificent vibrancy of nature in fine details.
Xiaomi Tv A 43 Fhd
Dual speakers stereo sound
Two powerful 10W stereo speakers deliver rich, forceful sound while preserving sound details for a layered audio experience.
Sound that surrounds
Xiaomi Tv A 43 Fhd
DTS Virtual:X
Cinematic audio experience
Through its unique algorithm, DTS Virtual:X transforms two-dimensional audio into a multidimensional soundstage, creating a sense of height and space. Immerse yourself in rich, detailed sound like never before with dual decoding by Dolby Audio and DTS-X.
Xiaomi Tv A 43 FhdXiaomi Tv A 43 FhdXiaomi Tv A 43 Fhd
Xiaomi Tv A 43 Fhd
Entertainment you love, with a little help from Google
No more jumping from app to app. Google TV™ brings together movies, shows, and more from all of your subscriptions, so they're in one place. Need inspiration? Get curated recommendations, use Google's powerful search to find shows across 10,000+ apps, or browse hundreds of free channels. And with personalized profiles, everyone's experience is customized for them.
Xiaomi Tv A 43 Fhd
Do more on your TV with your voice
Your TV is more helpful than ever. Ask Google Assistant to find movies, stream apps, play music, and control the TV - all with your voice. Even get answers, control smart home devices, and more. Press the Google Assistant button on the remote to get started.
Xiaomi Tv A 43 Fhd
Xiaomi Tv A 43 FhdXiaomi Tv A 43 Fhd
Free live TV for everyone
Access a growing library of live channels of news, movies, entertainment, reality shows, and more*. Watch for free anytime, anywhere. No subscription needed.
Xiaomi Tv A 43 Fhd
360° Bluetooth remote control
Control the TV more freely
Experience seamless and unrestricted freedom with Bluetooth remote control. Unlock more fun with convenient shortcut buttons.
Xiaomi Tv A 43 Fhd
Stream from your phone
In addition to Miracast, you can easily cast movies, shows, photos, and more from your phone or tablet, right to your TV with Chromecast built-in™.
Xiaomi Tv A 43 Fhd
Xiaomi Tv A 43 Fhd
High-performance processor
Smoother experience
Enjoy a wide range of entertainment with our quad-core A55 CPU with 1.5GB RAM and 8GB ROM.
Quad-core A55
Xiaomi Tv A 43 Fhd
1.5GB + 8GB
Xiaomi Tv A 43 Fhd
Xiaomi Tv A 43 Fhd
Xiaomi Tv A 43 Fhd
Get fast connectivity and wide coverage with our dual-band Wi-Fi solution (MIMO supported), operating at both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. Expand your entertainment and audiovisual lifestyle with our diverse range of mainstream interfaces and Bluetooth 5.0 technology.
Many different ways to connect
Expand your possibilities
Xiaomi Tv A 43 Fhd
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