Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2

Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2
Smart Home Hub 2
Manage smart devices to inspire your life

Dual-band Wi-Fi More stable connection
Support three protocolsBluetooth, Bluetooth mesh, ZigBee
Wired network port More efficient data transmission
Type-C portMainstream port for more convenient charging
High-capacity memory
dual-core CPU
Three protocols supported
Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2 connects and manages various smart devices, relaying instructions and schedules, to bring everyday smart scenes to you. It supports three mainstream communication protocols — Bluetooth, Bluetooth mesh and ZigBee, simplifying your smart life.
Bluetooth devices
Mi Door and Window Sensor 2
Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2
Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2
Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2
ZigBee devices
Mi Motion Sensor
Mi Wireless Switch
Wi-Fi devices
Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S
Mi LED Smart Colour Bulb
*A router is required for Wi-Fi device connections
Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2
Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2
Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2
Newly upgraded
more stable and capable
Dual-band Wi-Fi, no need to worry about interference
Support 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi to connect more devices. 2.4GHz is better at passing through walls. 5GHz has a higher data rate. The hub greatly improves the speed of smart links and provides you with a better overall experience.
better at passing through walls
higher data rate
Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2
Wired network port for stable and efficient transmission
Support RJ45 cables. Enable more stable and efficient data transmission for both remote control and device linkage. Let your life stay inspired.
*Cables need to be purchased separately.
Rapid response with dual-core CPU and high-capacity memoryThe newly upgraded dual-core CPU with double the memory* offers double the speed*, faster processing, reduced latency and a more stable system.Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2Mi Smart Home HubXiaomi Smart Home Hub 2faster than the previous generation in terms of processing speed*
High-capacity memory Dual-core CPU
*Double the memory is based on comparing the data of Mi Smart Home Hub*Double the speed refers to the maximum theoretical speed. Actual speeds may vary depending on the surroundings.*The maximum theoretical speed of processing. Actual speeds may vary depending on the surroundings.
More convenient and useful features
Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2
Local automation*
Even if a network error occurs, the pre-set automatic smart scenes will be maintained in your home.
Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2
ZigBee 3.0
Faster device response and lower power consumption
Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2
It's easier to charge the hub with a universal port that stays securely in place.
*Local control may not be supported for some smart scenes based on network environments. Please refer to the Xiaomi Home app for specific automation methods.
Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2
Rounded edges, elegant and streamlined
Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2 is small and compact. With the integrated design, rounded edges, porcelain-like sides and matte top, the simple, elegant hub will fit in anywhere in your home.
Premium quality and craftsmanship
The case is made of UV resistant, V-0 grade flame retardant, temperature resistant material to ensure that the hub is durable and fade resistant and the performance is reliable for extended periods of time. The internal structure is well organised, and every detail is carefully designed.
Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2
Installation and configuration in three steps
Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 21Turn on the hub. Wait until the hub finishes booting up, the orange light will start to flash indicating the hub is waiting to be connected to a network. For network cable connections, please use the cable to connect the hub to the LAN port of the router.
2Open the Xiaomi Home app and log in. Click "+" in the top right corner of the home page to add Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2.
Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2Add a child device
3Follow the instructions on the page to select the adding mode, and then follow the instructions to add the device.
*If you are unable to scan the QR code of the product, you may search for the product name to add the device.*Due to upgrades and updates to the Xiaomi Home app, the necessary steps may differ slightly from the above. Please follow the instructions in the current Xiaomi Home app.