Xiaomi Smart Dehumidifier

Xiaomi Smart DehumidifierSmart Dehumidifier
Powerful dehumidification for an enjoyable environment11L daily dehumidifying capacity | 5 Noise-reduction designs | Smart dehumidification | Smart voice control

Large dehumidifying capacity11L daily dehumidifying capacity
5 Noise-reduction designsNoise as low as 35.8dB(A)*
Smart dehumidificationHumidity monitoring and auto-adjustment
Blends in perfectly with your furnitureSimple, sleek design
Multi-purpose deviceSmart/ dry/ sleep modes
External drainageContinual dehumidifying without the need to empty
Powerful dehumidification so you can say goodbye to prolonged damp
One humidifier can serve the whole house with its 11L daily dehumidifying capacity11L/D powerful dehumidification, also equipped with universal wheels, the dehumidifier can be moved to wherever you needs it. The around-the-clock uninterrupted dehumidifying has a capacity equivalent to 22 bottles* of 500ml water.
24-hour dehumidifying capacity28 bottles of 500ml water
High-end hardware, outstanding quality
Surging power
Panasonic dual-rotor compressorThe dual-rotor system runs smoothly with low vibration and powerful noise control, and its strong core force provides higher energy efficiency.
Efficient dehumidification
Efficient twin-curve designIt uses a curved design, smaller volume and larger contact area for increased dehumidifying efficiency.
Suitable for multiple spaces to meet various dehumidifying needsIt can be used in different spaces such as bedrooms, storage rooms, bathrooms or children's rooms to meet various dehumidifying needs. It can absorb moisture, remove damp and prevent mould quickly without the need for installation.
BedroomAvoid that tacky feeling for a comfortable night's sleep
Storage roomPrevent stored items from moisture by creating a dry environment
BathroomInstantly absorbs damp air, so you can say goodbye to mould and odour
Children's roomKeep the room dry and protect your children's health
Quickly dry clothes without damaging themWith air discharged vertically from the top, air circulates quickly with continuous dehumidifying that dries clothes quickly, so you can say goodbye to damp-smelling clothes. Gentle dehumidification and balanced moisture evaporation to dry clothing without damaging it.
Quiet operation so you can prevent damp as you sleep
Noise as low as 35.8dB(A) for a quiet, undisturbed nightSet to sleep mode before going to sleep to automatically switch to a low-output, quiet setting with noise as low as 35.8dB(A) for virtually silent dehumidifying to keep damp at bay for a deep sleep.37.9dB(A)* Clothes-drying mode 35.8dB(A) Sleep mode
5 noise-reduction design
Vertical ventilation designWide, vertical outlet for easy air flow
Variable speed DC motorHigh-quality brushless motor for high energy efficiency and low noise
Vibration reduction designReduces compressor resonance for low frequency vibration and low noise
Dual-rotor compressorSymmetrical dual rotors reduce vibration
Water tank designDrainage system designed to gently reduce dripping water noise
Two drainage methods for you to choose from
4.5L water tank for eight hours of continual dehumidifying*The 4.5L water tank allows for eight hours of continuous dehumidifying and when it is full the dehumidifier will automatically shut down to prevent overflowing or leaks. The noise-reduction water tank design eliminates the sound of water trickling for quiet dehumidifying all night, so you can enjoy a new quiet life.
Xiaomi Smart DehumidifierLarge 4.5L water tank
Xiaomi Smart Dehumidifier8-hour continuous dehumidifying
Xiaomi Smart DehumidifierAuto shutdown when tank is full
Clean the water tank in four steps
Xiaomi Smart DehumidifierStep 1Lift the handle and tilt to 60°
Xiaomi Smart DehumidifierStep 2Push the latches on both sides to remove the handle
Xiaomi Smart DehumidifierStep 3Unlatch the drain from the top right of the tank and remove the lid
Xiaomi Smart DehumidifierStep 4Clean the inside of the tank then replace the lid and handle once air dried
External drainage for continuous dehumidify without needing to emptyThe dehumidifier comes with a drainage pipe that can empty waste water directly down the drain and allows for 24/7 dehumidifying, so you don't need to worry about the tank filling up and the dehumidifier turning off.
Smart dehumidifying, the effect is clear at a glance
Panel touch controls Convenient dehumidification at a glanceThe large digital display and indicator lights both provide clear reminders of your indoor humidity. Press the button to switch operation mode in one click and set the target humidity.
Xiaomi Smart Dehumidifier
Dry<40% relative humidity
Xiaomi Smart Dehumidifier
Comfortable40%–70% relative humidity
Xiaomi Smart Dehumidifier
Humid>70% relative humidity
Easily switch between the three modes with the click of a button
Smart modeSmart adjust for constant comfortable humidity
Clothes drying modeQuickly dry clothing just like it's out on the line
Sleep modePowerful noise reduction, so you can get a good night's sleep
App control Dehumidify with confidence when you're not aroundThe Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app's one-click control allows for remote dehumidifying and has a timer for a delayed start, extended finish and 24/7 preset drying, so you don't need to worry about it.
The built-in precision temperature and humidity sensors can intelligently monitor and adjust the air humidity based on healthy relative humidity levels, and the app supports 40%–70% variable adjustment, so you can tailor the air to your liking.
Smart connectivity Hands-free, easy dehumidificationThe dehumidifier can be controlled remotely with the Mi Home/ Xiaomi Home app, or voice control via Google Assistant* or Amazon Alexa*. Simply turn on the dehumidifier for smart interaction with other Xiaomi smart devices.
Sleek design with every detail in mind
Simple and versatile, lightweight and compactThe stylish, simple, white body features a sleek design with a pleasing, cosy feel that goes with homes of various styles and fits on an A4 piece of paper, allowing it to blend seamlessly into the corner of any room.
Hidden universal wheels for easy movement around the whole house
Dust filter easy to remove and can be reused
Child lock to prevent misuse from children
Tip-over auto shutdown* a considered and safe design
Strict in-factory inspection and quality assurance Note: Before leaving the factory, the dehumidifier undergoes a powered performance test. It is normal for there to be a small amount of water or water stains in the dehumidifier. Before using for the first time, let the dehumidifier stand for two hours to allow the refrigerant to settle before connecting to the power for use.
*Noise in sleep mode is as low as 35.8(A): Data from CVC Testing Technology Ltd. Report no.: WTS2021-28781.*22 bottles of water is calculated by: 11L dehumidifying capacity ÷ 0.5L (i.e. 500ml water bottle) = 22.*Noise in clothes drying mode is 37.9dB(A): Data from CVC Testing Technology Ltd. Report no.: WTS2021-28781.*8-hour continual dehumidifying: In a 24m2 experiment chamber with a temperature of 28.7ºC and relative humidity of 73%, the dehumidifier ran continuously for eight hours in clothes drying mode and dehumidified a total volume of 3,927ml, which is less than the tank's volume of 4,500ml. Data was provided by an internal laboratory. Report no.: SZ-20210831-001.*A healthy indoor relative humidity for the human body is 40%–60% and the total number of bacteria, germs, mould and parasites is the lowest in this environment. The incidence of illnesses such as respiratory infections, allergic rhinitis and asthma is also at its lowest. Data from the China Building Materials Academy's Effect of Indoor Humidity on the Quality of Life. Document no.: 1003-8965 (2006) 03-0074-03.*Link with other Xiaomi smart devices: This product can be connected with other Mi smart devices via Wi-Fi using the smart module in the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app. See the app for actual performance. Connecting devices must be purchased separately.*Tip-over auto shutdown: Data was provided by an internal laboratory. Report no.: ES-20210925TR-001.* Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice control features require smart voice devices to function. Related connecting devices are sold separately.* Google and its related logos are trademarks of Google LLC. * Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.