Xiaomi Electric Shaver S700

Xiaomi Electric Shaver S700Electric Shaver S700
Xiaomi's first ceramic electric shaverInnovative ceramic blade | Ultra-quiet direct driver brushless motor | two charging methods | high strength 6-series all-aluminium body

Four major innovations
All-new Innovative ceramic bladeXiaomi’s first rotating ceramic shaver is made of zirconia ceramics which is extensively applied in medical care. Sharp and caring, it keeps you decent at any time.
Xiaomi Electric Shaver S700
Upgraded anti-corrosion, better protection of your skin.Acid & alkali resistant, anti-oxidation, giving you the mild and clean shaving experience.
Xiaomi Electric Shaver S700
Its excellent sharpness allows you shave faster.Diamond polished, sharper blade
Xiaomi Electric Shaver S700
Upgraded hardness for long-lasting sharpnessCommon steel blade only has a hardness of HV500-600, while Xiaomi Electric Shaver S700 ceramic blade can achieven HV1200-1500, much stronger resistance to wearing*
Xiaomi Electric Shaver S700
Upgraded lifespan makes it stand out all the time.No obvious wear after running for 240 hours.*
All-new beard detection system, constant speed control*, smooth shaving in dense area.Intelligently detects hair density with the omni-directional PID algorithm. Constant speed control in different hair density areas with the 4.4mN·m strong torsion motor ensuring a smooth and comfortable shaving experience.
Innovative Infinity Floating Technology (IFT), close shaving without compromising comfort.The Infinity Floating Technology (IFT) + independent floating technology along with the 360° close contouring heads will ensure no hair is left behind. The upgraded vertical floating can buffer the facial pressure.
Xiaomi Electric Shaver S700Verticle vibration reduction
Xiaomi Electric Shaver S700360° all-angle floating
Xiaomi Electric Shaver S700independent floating head
Charge with the charging stand or Type-C port, choose the method you like. You can shave while charging with Type-C.Battery is running low but you need a quick shaving? Don't worry, Xiaomi Electric Shaver S700 allows you to shave while charging with Type-C. You can also charge with the charging stand. Temperature sensor and temperature control module are embedded to ensure a safe charging experience and protect battery lifespan.
Xiaomi Electric Shaver S700Two-hour fast charging.
Xiaomi Electric Shaver S70060-minute shaving time
Xiaomi Electric Shaver S700Intelligent temperature control*
Strong performance, powefully clean
Direct driver brushless motor, instant power, clean in one goThe Ultra-quiet direct driver brushless motor gives you instant power and speed, provides a smooth and fast shaving experience, no need for repetitive shaving. The low noise level will give you an even more enjoyable shaving experience.
Three speed modes, memorizes your choiceChoose from three speed modes according to your preference or skin condition. It will automatically remember your choice of speed mode, so that you don't have to reselect again.
Xiaomi Electric Shaver S7003,100 rotations/minute
Xiaomi Electric Shaver S7003,300 rotations/minute
Xiaomi Electric Shaver S7003,500 rotations/minute
IPX7 waterproof rating*Being rated IPX7 waterproof, Xiaomi Electric Shaver S700 can be fully water washed. An internal water outlet is designed at the bottom for quicker drying. Supports both dry and wet shaving. The ceramic blade can be rinsed to clean.
Xiaomi Electric Shaver S700Dry and wet shaving.
Xiaomi Electric Shaver S700Rinse to clean.
Exquisite design in the smallest detail
Micro topological layer can reduce the friction and irritation.The outer ring is plated with a smooth coating. The design of micro topological structure can effectively reduce friction and irritation, protecting your skin.
Laser microhole interface and metal body enables the illumination of information.Xiaomi has adopted the laser microhole display technology applied in the automotive instrument cluster and high-end electronic products for its electric shaver. The battery, speed mode, travel lock and information about the clearing of hair can be found under the metal body.
High strength 6-series all-aluminium body is light, stong and stylish.At present, high strength 6-series aluminium is only one grade lower than the 7-series aviation aluminium. Strong, light and glossy, it is anticorrosive and anti-oxidant. The shaver made of it can reflect the extraordinary charisma of men.
*The hardness value of ceramic blade vs steel blade: The testing tool displays the sclerometer, and the steel blade was taken from Xiaomi Electric Shaver S500.*No obvious wear after running for 240 hours. The machine is set to be on for 10 minutes and pause for 10 minutes; it can shear hair normally after running for 240 hours. No cracks are found on the bit and no damage is done to the structure of the shaver.*Intelligent temperature-control technology: The surface temperature is monitored in real time during the charging process. The charging stops when the surface temperature of the battery is below 3℃ or higher than 45℃; the electric current for charging is controlled at 0.1C when the temperature is higher than 3℃ or lower than 10℃; the normal electric current is set for charging when the temperature is higher than 10℃ or lower than 45℃. In this way, it can protect the battery life and ensure charging safety.* IPX7 grade waterproofness for the whole shaver means that the device won’t be damaged when it is soaked for 30 minutes 1 meter under the water surface. The serial number of test report: WT203104348; Testing organization: Shenzhen Measurement Quality Monitoring Research Institute.*The data quoted by this page comes from SOOCAS Lab or is collected by SOOCAS unless otherwise stated. It may be different in actual use.