Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit

Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit
Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit
Infinite inspiration at your fingertips

*The kit does not include a smartphone.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit
A great-looking leather case and a professional imaging platform in one
The leather case is stylish, skin-friendly, and highly resistant to bacteria and dirt. The black case features a sophisticated woven texture. With its professional and powerful photography expansion features, you can capture every sudden burst of inspiration.
*The antibacterial certification data are from SGS, a professional testing organisation, with the test certificate report number GZF23-003833-01.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit
Easy assembly to transform your camera
Simply connect the photography grip and secure the clasp for easy assembly.
Create more possibilities for mobile photography anytime, anywhere.
*The photography grip is designed to be used with Xiaomi 14 Ultra leather case.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit
An all-new decoration ring
A distinctive and eye-catching choice
The kit includes a new and stylish decoration ring that can be easily switched to add a touch of unique charm to your creativity.
*The black kit features an orange decoration ring.
*The images on this page are for illustration purposes only and may not be the exact representation of the product.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit
Professional photography grip
Stable and reliable Type-C connection, like an extension of your arm
The installed grip automatically pairs with your smartphone via a type-C port to ensure stability and low latency.
The smartphone can be charged without removing the grip, with a maximum power load of 90W*.
*A Xiaomi 90W or higher power adaptor is required.
*When the smartphone is equipped with the grip, the adaptor will first charge the smartphone, followed by the grip once the smartphone is fully charged.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit
Built-in 1500mAh battery
Unleash your creativity without power worries
With its built-in battery, the grip can automatically charge* your smartphone to extend the battery life by 23%*.
*By default, when the smartphone's battery level is above 80%, the UPS will be activated and the grip will be used to power the smartphone.
*When the smartphone's battery level is below 80%, the smartphone will be charged (the charging speed is dynamically adjusted based on temperature, workload and battery level).
*The data come from Xiaomi Internal Lab. The test room temperature was approximately 25°C. Actual results may vary slightly depending on the actual test environment and conditions.
*"Extend the battery life by 23%" means that a fully-charged grip can provide at least 1060mAh of power to your smartphone (approximately 23% of the smartphone's battery capacity). Actual results may vary due to the ambient temperature or test method.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit
Ingeniously designed to unlock full imaging potential from every angle
Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit
Exquisite feel for the ultimate grip
Experience professional-level photography and awaken muscle memory with the camera-like feel.
The installed grip improves stability, allowing you to shoot from different angles with one hand.
Buttons are within easy reach of the index finger, making one-handed shooting more comfortable than ever.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit
Precise control
A perfect camera, always within reach
Two-stage shutter: When the camera is off, press and hold the shutter for quick activation. When the camera is on, half-press the shutter to focus the lens; press it to take a photo/continuous shooting (adjustable in settings). In the gallery, half-press the shutter to return to the camera interface.
Zoom lever: Quickly switch focal lengths or use continuous zoom when the camera is on (adjustable in settings).
New recording button*: Start/stop recording by default, with customisable options for aspect ratio, photo format, metering mode and other functions*.
New custom dial*: Adjust EV by default, with customisable options for aperture, shutter, ISO and other functions*.
*The comparison reference for the new button and dial is Xiaomi 13 Ultra Photography Kit.
*Some functions are only available in specific shooting modes, rather than in the default photo mode.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit
Exquisite quick-release setup
New multi-functional expansion ports
Easy, fast, and stable installation and removal
The 67mm filter adaptor ring* and new decoration ring can be easily installed and removed.
Attaching a 67mm camera filter can enhance your creations by catering to a wide range of professional needs, achieving richer shooting effects.
*The 67mm camera filter needs to be purchased separately.
*The 67mm filter adaptor ring can be used to fit any 67mm threaded camera filter.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit
When required, such as during security inspections, the battery information can be found on the inside of the professional photography grip.
Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography KitXiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit
List of Accessories
Leather Case
Photography Grip (With Hand Strap)
67mm Filter Adaptor Ring
Decoration Ring
Photography Kit User Manual (With Warranty Card)
Specifications of photography grip
Product Name: Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit
Compatible Device: Xiaomi 14 Ultra
Connection: USB
Battery Capacity: 1500mAh (typ)/1450mAh (min)
Charging Port: Type-C