The apex of powerFlagship 4nm Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1Smart 120W HyperCharge120Hz flat AMOLED display

Flagship 4nm Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1Qualcomm's first 4nm chip with next-generation CPU and GPU ensures increased performance and lower power consumption. Whether for day-to-day work or fighting epic battles in games, it delivers a performance with unprecedented smoothness!
Cortex-X2 prime core, up to 3.0 GHzNext generation Adreno™ GPU7th Gen Qualcomm® AI Engine
20%CPU performance boost*
50%Faster graphics rendering*
25%Improved power efficiency*
400%AI performance boost*
* The above data is in comparison with the Snapdragon® 888. Data is from Qualcomm's official website.
LiquidCool Technology 3.0Multi-layer cooling solutionsUsing dual vapour chambers (next-generation stainless steel VC and 3D step VC) along with a 6904mm² super-large graphene layer and 3D high-power graphite as well as other innovative materials, heat is efficiently transferred by layers from the inside to the outside. Powerful temperature control enables the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1 to perform to its true potential!
4860mm²Dual vapour chambers
Full power LPDDR5+UFS 3.1Ultra-smooth performanceSuper fast RAM and ROM bring snappier and smoother performance, perfect for both entertainment and everyday use. Large games load in just an instant, allowing you to seize opportunities as they come!
116%Faster ROM random access speed*
94%Faster RAM access speed*
*The improvement is compared to POCO F3 GT on AnTuTu benchmark. Data is based on internal testing. Actual results may vary.
Multi-Link 5.0 technologyAlways keeping the network fast and stablePOCO F4 GT can automatically switch to the optimal connection between 5G cellular network and Wi-Fi network for a high-speed and stable online experience.
Dedicated gaming antenna effectively reduces gaming latencyThe network performance of gaming in landscape mode has been enhanced to ensure high-speed Internet connection at all times.
Smart 120W HyperChargeLarge 4700mAh* batteryA fast-charging solution utilizes a dual-charge pump, dual-cell battery and multi-tab winding technologies, taking only 17 minutes* to get 100% charged. Charge while you play large games, and the battery will reach 100% in just 27 minutes*.
17 minsCharge to 100%
120Win-box charger
Smart charge solution for stable chargingTo further prolong the battery lifespan, POCO F4 GT can learn from your charging routines during the night time. Charging will pause at 80% whilst you are asleep, but get fully charged right before you start the new day.
DisplayMate A+ rated flat AMOLED displayPro display for pro gamerThis 6.67" flagship display has been specially designed for gaming, with optimal colour accuracy, brightness and feel. The moment it lights up, it opens up a whole new world of colours.
DCI-P3Wide color gamut
10 bitOver 1 billion colors
5,000,000:1Contrast ratio
MEMCAdded frames for smoother viewing
TrueColorPrecision-tuned for perfection
6.67"Flat display
Pro-grade gaming display, one step ahead of your opponent
Up to 120Hz refresh rateNever miss a single detail with the ultra smooth visual experience.
Up to 480Hz touch sampling rateResponds to every touch with more sensitivity. Make you keep up with every move.
Super resolution touch10 times higher in control accuracyThanks to 10 times more precise than normal screen control, the screen can bring faster and more stable game control.
Normal resolution touch1080 × 2400
10 times higher
Super resolution touch10800 × 24000
1920Hz PWM dimmingProtect your eyes without sacrificing image qualityThe display is optimised for use in low lightings, greatly reducing the discomfort that flicker can cause to your eyes in low-light settings.
Symmetrical quad speakers for revolutionised sound qualityA quad speaker stereo solution with independent dual tweeters and dual woofers to provide unprecedented clarity in sound detail and an excellent stereo field. Whether playing games, listening to music or watching movies, the performance is incredible
Triple sound quality certified
3 MIC design for unobstructed game speechA dedicated gaming mic has been added on the side, so even if you hold your smartphone in landscape mode, you don't have to worry about your voice being obstructed, always making sure your teammates can hear you.
Metallic styled design with refined and subtle detailsThe AG glass material provides a delicate hand feel. Futuristic design elements unleash a surge of power and give the phone a powerful boost. The unique camera deco is exquisite and refreshing.
Cyber Yellow
Knight Silver
Stealth Black
"X-factor" RGB gaming lightLight up for incoming calls, messages, battery charging and game turbo mode.
"Lightning" flashUnique flash design lets every flash pierce through the darkness with personality
Magnetic pop-up triggers, just like holding a gaming controllerThe POCO F4 GT's pop-up triggers use elastic silicone material for a lighter hand feel. Eight magnets provide a smooth and effective driving force. Lower latency and faster feedback mean an instant increase in combat level.
Magnetic pop-up triggersTested on 100+ mobile games on Google Play** Pop-up triggers mapping must be setup manually.
Shortcuts for your conveniencePop-up triggers not only give you an edge in games, but also make your life easier. You can set shortcuts with multiple functions to choose from.
Smooth and invisible designIn daily use, the pop-up triggers can be perfectly hidden and integrated. With a little slide, you can switch to game mode and instantly jump into action!
CyberEngineSuper wideband X-axis linear motorAs possibly the largest X-axis motor in Android so far, it features a 560mm³ super-large size and an advanced magnetic steel design. With transient vibrations in excess of 5Gpp, you can experience a wider range of vibrations than ever before, bringing realistic vibration feedback and giving a game-controller-like experience.
Motor vibration energy
Super wideband X-axis linear motor5.12 Gpp*
Conventional X-axis motor2.7 Gpp
*Data is based on internal testing. Actual results may vary.
Game TurboFeaturing a variety of useful game features, just like putting a buff on you to speed up your victory.
1.5m L-shaped charging cableAllows you to play whilst charging without it getting in your way.
64MP main camera with Sony IMX686See epic sightsSony IMX686 sensor supports hardware remosaic which provides 64MP output in real time. The ultra-high resolution makes it easier for post-processing and cropping.
64MPmain camera
8MPultra-wide camera
2MPmacro camera
Flicker sensorThe flagship flicker sensor can achieve clear and zero-ripple pictures when capturing screens and lights.
Flicker sensor OFFFlicker sensor ON
See the world in 64MP clarity
Capture microscopic visual wondersFOV 120° for a wider field of vision
Portrait mode
20MP selfie
Even more power
Upgraded IR blaster
Side fingerprint sensor
Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus®
Notes:*4700mAh refers to the typical value of POCO F4 GT's battery capacity. The battery is split into a dual 2350mAh cell structure for faster charging speed.*The charging data(17 minutes) is based on internal testing from 2% to 100% with screen off and charging boost on. Actual results may vary.*The charging data(27 minutes) is based on internal testing from 2% to 100% while playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with performance mode on and charging boost on. Actual results may vary.*The images and videos on this page are for illustration purposes only and may not be the exact representation of the product. *All designs, features, product specifications, services and user interfaces represented on POCO F4 GT product page may change without notice.*Unless otherwise indicated on POCO F4 GT product page, all data comes from internal laboratories, product design specifications and suppliers. The testing data may vary slightly due to different software versions, tested phone versions and testing environments and may not reflect the actual product.