Mi Portable Photo Printer PaperGet creative and have fun sticking photos to any surfaceMi exclusive | Inkless printing | Instant photo printing | Fun 3-inch photos | Sticky-backed design | Good quality at a low price

ZINK inkless printingSay goodbye to ink shortages with this exclusive photo paper. Just tap and print, anytime, anywhere
Instant prints, no more waitingThe printer forms an image by heating the photo paper to a precisely controlled temperature, taking just seconds to produce colorful, long-lasting prints.
Overcoat layerColor-forming layerBacking layer
Fun size 3-inch format*Xiaomi exclusive 3-inch photo paper is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and lightweight so you can carry it in your pocket when traveling.
Sticky-backed design, paste anywhere
Affordable, quality photo paperEasy to use and inexpensive, this high-quality photo paper is perfect for printing snapshots of your favorite moments.
Loading Paper
Step 1Open the printer's photo paper tray cover
Step 2Place the photo paper into the printer with the barcode on the orange calibration card facing down (We recommended loading a full pack each time. The orange calibration card must be at the bottom.)
Step 3Close the printer's photo paper tray cover