Focus on things that matter

Stay focused with Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF). Previously only found in professional DSLRs,
it is a focusing technique that calculates a one-time lens adjustment for clear, crisp images in a
fraction of a second. Redmi 3S lets you take full advantage of PDAF on its 13MP full-feature
camera, which comes with built-in HDR and 12 playful filters.

0.1s. Focus in a flash.

With PDAF technology, it takes the 13MP high-resolution camera on just 0.1s to focus on objects. Unlike typical smartphones that use contrast autofocus, PDAF makes a one-time calculation to adjust lens focus instead of trial and error. Faster, clearer and crisper - Redmi 3S consistently snaps high quality images wherever you are.

  • Taken in Yunnan, China
  • Taken in Sri Lanka

for photos that pop

Capturing sceneries in bright sunlight or with high contrasts can be challenging. In times like these, consider HDR. Detailed and vibrant, HDR mode automatically captures three photos with different exposure settings and stitches them together. It merges detail and colour across a dynamic range to create photos that burst with life.

Filter as you shoot
12 real-time filters

We're so used to snapping a picture, then adding a filter. Redmi 3S filters as you shoot and saves the edited image directly to your camera roll. Fun, fast, and simple. Choose from 12 real-time filters which include colour tints and effects like mirror and fish eye.

Shoot wide with Panorama

Surrounded by beautiful scenery? Capture the horizon with Panorama. Simply tap the shutter and pan Redmi 3S slowly. Now there's no limit to what you can fit into a frame.

Take beautiful selfies with Beautify

The best part of the 5MP front camera is that it comes with Beautify. Beautify uses one of 36 smart beauty profiles to subtly enhance skin complexion, slim jawlines, brighten eyes and more. It does so automatically - no editing required - so selfies are instantly ready for sharing. Perfect your pose with the countdown timer, or use it to snap group selfie shots.

  • Taken in Sri Lanka
  • Taken in Inner Mongolia

Relive each moment in 1080p

Playback celebrations and memories on TV with 1080P HD video recording on Redmi 3S. The 13MP camera also captures beautiful timelapse videos, which makes things appear in fast motion. Full HD video recordings are also supported on the 5MP front camera, for better quality video calls, selfie videos, and Snapchats.