Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G

    1. What does the Xiaomi NoteBook Pro come preloaded with?
    Every Xiaomi NoteBook Pro 120 comes preloaded with Windows 11 Home and a pre-installed licenced version of MS Office 2021 Home & Student Edition, Mi SmartShare and DTS Audio Processing App.
    2. How do I activate the pre-installed Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student?
    You can activate the pre-installed MS Office Home & Student on your device through simple process as shown here: https://youtu.be/zetZh7zGgOA
    3. How many hours of battery life can I expect?
    Our lab tests indicate that you can get up to 12 hours of battery life under local playback. You can expect around 9 Hrs of usage for regular productivity usage. However daily battery life will vary on actual usage depending on settings such as resolution, refresh rate, power mode and apps being run. E.g. gaming or intensive applications on battery will drain your battery much faster.
    4. Does the keyboard come with a backlight?
    Yes, the keyboard does come with 3 levels of backlight - Off, dim and bright.
    5. Does this series come with gaming capabilities?
    "The Xiaomi NoteBook Pro 120 G , which comes with an Intel 12th Gen H series processor and NVidia GeForce MX550 discrete graphics is great for casual gaming and for creative applications such as Adobe Photoshop and other design tools. It should comfortably be able to run older PC games at Full HD or HD at Medium to High settings, and also most popular e-sports shooters such as Valorant, Fortnite and others. Individual game performance would vary and you'd need to play with the settings to achieve the desired balance. We recommend plugging in the laptop while gaming. This Xiaomi NoteBook Pro 120 doesn't come with discrete graphics and relies on integrated graphics, which is capable of great productivity performance and not primarily meant for gaming. However, you can should be able to run less intensive games at low settings. We recommend plugging in the laptop while gaming. "
    6. Does this notebook come with an Ethernet port for LAN connectivity?
    No, there is no ethernet port connectivity option. However, you can choose to use separate hubs or docks with the USB C or Thunderbolt 4 ports for additional connectivity ports which you may require.
    7. What is the warranty on Xiaomi NoteBook Pro?
    We are offering 1 year of warranty on product and accessories
    8. How to resolve service queries?
    One can avail Walk-in Service or Home Service for resolving any of their service queries. We have a strong 980+ dedicated laptops ASC Network in India across 683 cities 19.4K+ Pincodes.
    9. I would like to update the drivers & BIOS for my laptop. Where are the latest & BIOS drivers available?
    You can find the latest drivers & BIOS for your laptop at this location : Mi India - In case you aren't able to find the drivers for your device, please let us know. Important: Please download and install only drivers for your laptop model only. Wrong drivers can result in malfunctioning of your device.
    10. Does the Xiaomi NoteBook Pro come with USB C charging?
    Yes, Mi NoteBook Pro supports USB C charging. It also supports charging through the Thunderbolt 4 port.
    11. How can I change the refresh rate of the laptop using shortcuts?
    You can use the Fn + S shortcut to switch between 60 Hz, 90 Hz and 120 Hz in that order.
    12. How can I switch between performance modes on this device?
    You can use the Fn + K shortcut to toggle between Silent and Balanced performance modes.
    13. What is the difference between Xiaomi NoteBook 120 and Xiaomi NoteBook Pro 120 G?
    "Both of the NoteBooks look identical but have a key difference. Xiaomi NoteBook Pro 120 G comes with a discrete graphics processor - Nvidia GeForce MX550 which allows for up to 2x higher graphics performance over integrated graphics. This makes it a better option for casual gaming or creative applications if you are interested in those use cases. "
    14. Can I customize my device?
    You have the option to pick from Xiaomi NoteBook Pro 120 and Xiaomi NoteBook Pro 120 G, which both come with 16 GB LPDDR5 RAM and 512 GB PCIe 4 NVMe SSD storage. The G variant comes with additional NVidia MX 550 Graphics which allows for casual gaming and higher performance on creative applications.