Xiaomi Camera Viewer App

Xiaomi Camera Viewer App
The Security App you need
Xiaomi Camera Viewer App
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Xiaomi Camera Viewer
The whole new desktop app for a better
viewing experience.
Be it your house or your workplace this camera app allows you to monitor multiple cameras, record videos, take snapshots,
and many more things.

One can use the same login credentials as Mi Home App.

Follow the steps for easy setup:
Step 1:Download the .exe file for the app through the mi.com app page. Step 2:Install and log in with the same credentials used for Mi Home App.Step 3:Activated cameras linked with Mi Home App will directly appear on the screen when the login is done.
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Multi Screen View
Designed to intelligently identify every detail.
Now get up to 9 windows of screen playback at the same time so you do not miss out on any movement. Double clicking on any sub-window on the app, makes the view window bigger.
Xiaomi Camera Viewer App
Real-time screen view and
video playback
You can view real-time pictures and historical videos from
anywhere and anytime.

Important pictures and videos can be saved locally through screenshots and video recordings.
Xiaomi Camera Viewer App
Features that make your life easy
With the app, you can filter the camera videos by date and event for viewing. A short clip of any human detection gets automatically stored on the app. You can even scroll back to the live footage and check footage without any lag.
Xiaomi Camera Viewer App
Xiaomi Camera Viewer App
Compatible with all Xiaomi 360° Home Security Cameras
The app works smoothly with all your Xiaomi 360° Home Security Cameras. Now you can see what’s happening on your front porch or inside the home, even if you’re hundreds of miles away.
Keeps an eye on
what’s important
The app is suitable for multi-camera homes, small and medium-sized supermarkets, shops, and factories.

Other scenarios with indoor tutorial centers and outdoor security
can use this app.
Xiaomi Camera Viewer App
Notes:1.Xiaomi Camera Viewer App is a useful and simple standalone laptop camera app for Windows. It allows you to record videos and take snapshots. App will support all the three 360 degree cameras launched in Indian market. 2.Login with the Mi Id / Email Id / Phone number that already is registered on Mi. Home App, it integrates all the camera which are linked on mi home app to give you the functionality of multiple camera view at a given point of time. 3.An easy-to-use, app only requires you to run the EXE file to connect with the camera. 4.No need to go through installation process, just download the file and login, it will directly integrate with your Mi. home app instantly. 5.You can use this app on a laptop or desktop without any restrictions. The updated software can be downloadable from mi.com Xiaomi camera viewer page and mi home app. 6.Using the latest beta release of this camera app, you can have up-to 9 Camera feed at a same time, take pictures, record videos, open and play video/image files. 7.Ensure the region is selected as India on Desktop app - (The region also will be determined by your laptops region settings.) 8.The current software of Xiaomi Camera Viewer app is the beta version and upgrades will be available for download from https://www.mi.com/in/